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About a man and a cat
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Haha that was good
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thank you. that made my day.
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Good one!
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Thanks! that was funny!
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cute & accurate!
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That is so true to life for me!
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That was so funny.
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That was great!!
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thats so true! haha I know when my cats sleeping i dont want to be noisy so im really quiet and when she's on me (which is rare but it happens) I dont want to do to anything to make her move
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I've been there before!.
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Oh, man, that was soooooo true to life !
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LOL... that's just like Katie.
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Very accurate!
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Thats awesome with the bag, when he opens it and doesnt move for a while and the cat goes back to sleep.
I do that with my kittens. I walk in my bedroom quietly to get my books to do homework in the living room and the cats are sleeping, and I usually squeek on the wooden floor and one of them opens his eyes, and im looking straight at him completely still and then he goes back to sleep as if he didnt even see me.
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