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Burmese? Is this true?

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I have heard that it is common for burmese to spray when upset (even if they are fixed), and that many of them that are returned to the breeders are returned because of spraying. I heard this from someone claiming to be a breeder, and am wondering if this is actually true, and if so, why this would become a common breed trait.
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Having been owned by six Burmese and two Bombays in my life (from several different catteries), I can only wonder from whom you heard this bit of nonsense! I've NEVER, EVER had any of my Burms spray, boys nor girls. They are in my opinion the most wonderful cats around, an absolute delight.
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My Burmese has never done this either.
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I have 2, haven't experienced this or read about it either. Sounds like misinformation
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My chocolate Burmese never did this either. The only time she did spray was when we introduced 2 new kittens, then it stopped quite quickly.
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One of my best friends is a Burmese/Mandalay/Burmilla breeder and sorry but this information isn't true
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My little Max is a neutered 5-month old male who I've had for a month. No spraying! 


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MaxKitteh, welcome to TCS, but you're posting in a thread that's five years old. biggrin.gif

Feel free to wander over to the New Cats on the Block section and introduce yourself. We'd all love to see pictures of Max! clap.gif
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Woops. Did a search on Burmese and thought I'd chime-in. I'll post some pics of Max in the New Cats on the Block section. ;) Burmese have been around since 1935 so it's unlikely that this thread will be out of date anytime soon. ;)

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