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Is there a certian age a kitten needs to be before being given catnip or catnip toys? Marlee is finally doing better, but she doesnt seem to be interested in any of the toys I bought for her. (1 springy door hanger, with feathers and stuff on the end; 1 fur ball on a string for her to chase; a little tennis ball; a crinkly sound making kitty; and a stationary scratch circle with a spring in the middle to hold a bell and ball to play with.) She seems to like playing with the ends of my pens, any cords (which I know is not good for her, but I'm having trouble stopping it) and sometimes wadded up paper. I haven't tried catnip yet, b/c I wasnt sure if she was too young. She is around 10-12 weeks. Anyone know about catnip, or have any suggestions for some toys?
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Your kitty is probably too young to react to catnip. Mine didn't really even notice it until about 6mos old. If your kitten is female she might never really react.

I did discover that honeysuckle has the same affect on kitties but both males and females respond to it, and it is a good catnip substitute. I bought 2 honeysuckle mice from the bet store and the kitties go crazy for them. When they stop smelling all you have to do is wet them and they smell again.

As far as toys go sometimes cats will love the weirdest things. My Lucky loves the caps from milk cartons and rambo loves string or paper bags. Try changing up the toys that are available to stimulate your kitten more. Offer a box with a toy in it, or a big paper bag.
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Thanks for the reply! I had never heard of Honeysuckle cat toys! I am in a small college town right now, and the only pet store is PetCo, and walmart. I don't recall seeing Honeysuckle toys at Petco, but I will check. Where did you find yours? Right now I'm just happy shes playing at all, even though its still not as much as I expected with a kitten. She had some problems the last two weeks, not feeling very well. So any playing is a good sign to me!
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