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Scary night last night

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So I had big plans last night. It was my day off and Steve was coming home early. we were gonna go get a papa murphys pizza watch a movie..and what not. sweet and romantic like...well when we got home my mom was here which was ok cause she was dropping off some money she owed me. well she was about to leave, when a horrible storm kicked up. I guess straight line winds around here were really fierce..once the power popped..twice the power popped..than it just went BAM out. with our half cooked pizza in the oven so we sat around here for a while waiting for it to come on. and it never did. So we went to my grandmas who is about a mile up the road. she had power. we were able to cook our food there. Man this storm was horrible. I was pretty scared. when we went down (once it ghad calmed down) to get in the car. there was two branches that had almost taken out the Jeep, and one had almost taken out the neon. But neither hit..thankfully!

Well when we got home steveh had to go to bed so he could get up for work today. *sniff* we did get a little of my plan in..tehehehe..

But man..our yard right now looks like a diaster area.
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We've had some really bad storms here this week, too. Today it is supposed to get up to 96 degrees, then drastically drop tonight. That will mean more big storms. I love the storms, but I hate the mess the next day. Especially when Joe is on the road and I'm on my own to deal with it all!
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yeah our landlord is supposed to do it. which he wont. so we will end up doing it.
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Ha. I'd have a heart attack if I saw my landlord do anything as menial as pick up limbs. We ALWAYS do all the lawn work.
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I thought we were supposed to get that weather. We are still picking up branches (correction I'm still picking up branches Neil chips them up were they lay!) from the damage of last week-more limbs are dangling on the tress. But the weather tracked more north and we had a "mild thunderstorm" Its 68 degrees now-down 20 degrees from yesterday but kindof humid!! But parts of WI have frost advisories tonite.
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oh my Katie.......a furious storm..............
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ha, yeah well our landlord is supposed to do it thats the thing, LOl i dont mind doing it but he should take some money off our rent than :P takes him weeks to get around to it.

yeah its nice out today cool, breezy and sunny ha
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While I was watching the other extreme weather news on CNN last night, they said that there were tornado warnings in Minnesota, and a tornado was spotted heading right for the downtown of Minneapolis. Maybe you were getting some of that weather.
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Yup I was. I live 15 mins from downtown
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We've been having some weird weather lately too.. hot one day, then freezing the next.. then today was a nasty storm.. very strong winds, downpour of rain, thunder and lightning.. at one point today I thought I was going to be in an accident, but it turned out okay =)
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Yeah well the cold we are getting know i exppected lol minnesota in sept
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woo glad everyones ok there... we didnt actually get it too bad but it sure got dark quickly!
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yeah it was dark really fast...we got hit hard. it stunk! but everyones AOK
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There's just been weird weather all over the place, I hope that's not any kind of sign
I am hoping were not in for a bigole earthquake here
Glad to hear your ok and the animals are ok
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yeah loki and ares have been my shadows. they both nearly died when i went to go work at petsmart today lol
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We got some action from that storm too!!! It was real bad and LOUD!!!
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yeah it sure was loud!!! Ugh..and my deck furniture the trees....found that this
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