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The Innocent

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I wrote this for Max a while ago and I thought I'd post it over here. It's getting closer to the final battle for Justice For Max.

Dedicated to Max….and to those that are voices for the voiceless.

The Innocent

I'm crying…reaching out
Why is there no one to hear my final shout?
How loud do I need to project?
What is the language must I need to speak?
How can you turn away from an innocent soul?
How can you return them to what was once their home?
When will all come to walk with them gently?
When will you love; for there are so many?

Turn away, turn away, it is easy for most.
Your life so busy;
Your life you boast…

My pain does not end
It only gets deeper
To live with my own
While greed is their keeper

I only become bitter inside
To see that there is such a great divide,
There may be a time when such a crime
tortures you…

Your language will be mine
An unfamiliar tongue,
To save the innocent's bleeding
Their lives horrific and shunned
Your pain so deep; a loved one's fate

Are you listening now...can you hear my calls

In your mirror do you see
A sinking heart disgraced by hypocrisy;

Or are you in fear, or must you comply
To manifest legend into darker lies….

Will you hold your breath while you have concealed
The grotesque evidence that may be revealed…..

A dream for peace,
Will you consider this,
No blood will shed,
No pain will exist...

Catarina Wyatt
Copyright: March 5, 2001

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Very touching. Thanks Cat.
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