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What to look for regarding a "show" animal (for a rescue adoption)

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Ok...I wouldn't normally post here..but this falls outside my knowledge area. Tomorrow we have a gentleman coming to look at one of our cats for adoption. Normally we do not adopt into a home with intact animals..but he has stated that he shows his two dogs and thus cannot have them neutered. The woman who is in charge of a cat adoptions is willing to allow him to adopt a cat as long as he provides paperwork that states his dogs cannot be neutered due to them being shown. Does anyone know what type of paperwork he might provide (is there such a thing as paperwork that states that show animals cannot be spayed/neutered?) so that I can be prepared since I run the Friday night adoptions. I realize my question is about showing dogs and not cats...but for those of you that show cats...do you have paperwork along these lines?


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From AKC's show rules.
AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows

Section 8. A dog which is blind, deaf, castrated, spayed, or which has been changed in appearance by artificial means except as specified in the standard for its breed, or a male which does not have two normal testicles normally located in the scrotum, may not compete at any show and will be disqualified except that a castrated male may be entered as Stud Dog in the Stud Dog Class and a spayed bitch may be entered as Brood Bitch in the Brood Bitch Class. A dog will not be considered to have been changed by artificial means because of removal of dewclaws or docking of tail if it is of a breed in which such removal or docking is a regularly approved practice which is not contrary to the standard. Neutered dogs and spayed bitches would be allowed to compete in Veterans Classes only at independent specialties and/or those all-breed shows which do not offer any competitive classes beyond Best of Breed.

I'm sure anyone that shows, or belongs to a registry club can get (if they don't have) copies of show/entry rules.
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Cats (purebred or mixed) can be shown in the altered class. Its required for mixed breeds over 8 months in the household pet class. The pedigree cats have a championship for whole cats and the equilivant of "premier or altered championship" for the ones that have been neutered/spayed.

There is NO paperwork that says you have to keep a pedigree cat whole in orde to show it. If this guy is adopting a cat that has papers and can be registered, then he can show either way; however if its a mixed breed or a purebred without papers, he should have the cat neutered as it can't be registered without papers.
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The question was in regard to show dogs he already has, not the cat he's adopting
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If he is showing his dogs in AKC conformation shows (not obedience, lure coursing, etc.), the dogs have to be intact. There is no conformation class for spayed/neutered dogs like there is in the cat fancy (although I think it would be a great idea). All other events in AKC allow spayed/neutered dogs to compete.

If you want proof that he actually shows the dogs that he is keeping intact, I would ask him for a entry confirmation from a show he recently entered, or a copy of his dogs' registrations (to find out their names) and a copy of a show catalog entry. If he shows his dogs he won't have any problem providing info to prove it.
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Thanks Everyone!!! That is very helpful!

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Originally Posted by CathyG
<snip>...There is no conformation class for spayed/neutered dogs like there is in the cat fancy (although I think it would be a great idea).<snip>
Ditto that. Somewhat off-topic, but I wish that AKC would seriously consider such classes and competitions. As I understand it their reasoning is that since AKC is principally a body for record-keeping of bloodlines and breeding animals and the furtherance of the various breeds that neuters would do little to advance this goal. One reason I waited so long to spay Kellie (she was about 6.5 years old when I had it done) was that I kept thinking I "might" like to show her since she is show quality. If this hadn't been an issue, I'd of had her spayed at 6-12 months.

BTW, the main reason they don't just allow you to show against the entire animals, is that spays have an advantage in the coat department. I thought Kellie was pouffie before, now she's a darn mop ! An entire animal will blow coat after heat, and obviously a spay doesn't have this problem so that on a long coated animal (like my Pekingese) they just keep growing it until the "normal" shed in the spring and fall.

Just wanted to add that I *think* (don't know for sure without really going through their site) that Junior showmanship exhibitors are allowed to show altered animals, but then in those it is the exhibitor, and not the dog that is really being judged.
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Yup just see AKC show rules. If he is showing conformation, and I am assumeing he is. Than yes they can not be fixed, its rule. Just check out the rules, and I would have him bring in a form from when he competed last or what not to prove he shows conformation. Tracking, Agility and other events can have S/N animals.

I to wish they would consider changeing the rule. but i do think they should have two classes. because as Rosehawk pointed out. S/N animals dont blow coat as much as intact animals. *eyes Isis*

That being said. Both my girls are intact as we are actively showing both.
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Well...he came by tonight and brought a book of his ribbons and pictures of the dogs (bermese mountain dogs...gorgeous) and he was approved for a cat...however, sadly, the cat he was interested in is very bad shape and probably will have to be PTS (both her eyes are ruptured and will have to be removed). I told him I would continue to look for a kitten that matched what he was looking for.

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