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Happy Birthday Princess!!

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In honour of Lucky's 1st birthday i thought i would post a few pictures of my little princess. Well her b-day is only an guess by the vets. But still cause for a celebration...she's one of the best things to come into my life!! Happy Birthday pretty kitty!!

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Awww look at the little cherub!

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Thank you very much!

Lucky is already raked in more presents then i got on my b-day!! Nothing like some tuna and little cheese and come catnip to make a b-day complete! (and of course her new collar with ID tag!!! )
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You have a such a beautiful girl! Happy 1st Birthday to both of you!
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¡¡¡¡¡Happy Birthday Princess!!!!
¡¡¡¡ Make this day the best!!!!

¡¡¡Many happy Returns!!!
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What a beauty she turned out to be - Happy birthday sweet baby and many many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thank you everyone!!!
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Oh how cute!!! She looks so tiny!

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AWWW total sweetness! Hope you have a good birthday!!
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Happy birthday, beautiful!!
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Happy Birthday Lucky!
You've grown into quite a beautiful girl!
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Awww, isn't she sweet!!!

Happy Birthday beautiful!!!!
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What a cutie pie! Happy Birthday Lucky!
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Happy 1st Birthday Princess Lucky

Sadie, Dexter & Lei
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Awww, she is beautiful!!!
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Thread Starter many of you guys buy your kitties b-day presents??
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Lightning gets random presents anyways. But I will get him something on his bday.

Btw happy bday lucky. I hope she liked her can of tuna.
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