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out of control kitties!

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Pepper and Scooter are driving me nuts! They have been running around up and over everything, including me, sick on the couch, knocking stuff over, tearing up the trash, trying to tear down the blinds, biting and scratching when I try to get them to stop, and terrorizing poor Pearl. I have separated them, given them time out in the laundry room, even resorted to the water bottle. I bought them new toys and treats to try to distract them, but nothing is working. They nave always been rambunctious, but this is ridiculous! Pepper is currently in my bathroom closet knocking stuff off the shelves.
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They are kittens!
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Weren't you moving recently? Are you in the new place? If so I would highly recommend the Feliway diffuser. That really helped Dori when we moved. She was crazy like that and quit eating as well. Within a day of using the diffuser I all ready saw improvement.
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They sound like my two!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
They sound like my two!
Yep, and mine!

I swear that Alfie is possesed by demons sometimes the way he tears around the place
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I recommend Feliway diffusers, spraying in areas where they commonly fight or raise a raucous (so spritz around the couch and window sill) and try to employ play therapy techniques...one of my faves is a toy I fashioned from a jingly mouse (whom I call "Mousy") and tied it to a long shoelace, drag it around the house, and have my kitties "hunt" it. This calms them down, distracts them...then I give a yummy treat after they "kill" it. Believe me, I sing the praises of play therapy because my cats are totally different "people" because of it -- they tolerate each other now and fighting at a bare minimum (tho' it exists)...

Another thing is -- if you've just moved...this may be causing stress response in the kits and how they are reacting. My recommendation would be to set up a "base camp" with some toys, a litter box, food, water, scratching post and separate them for a day or two. When they grow naturally curious, they will want out and perhaps be a little more calm. I am moving soon, and am being a good "girl scout" about getting them prepared...I plan on giving them a "spa day" to relax before the move too LOL (nails & hair LOL).

Good luck, keep us posted and how they are doing!
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Join the club, Harley is my apartment terror...nothing stops him! EVER!! He does what he pleases...he owns me and I am his master-my apartment seems to be his playhouse!
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Pepper is 2 years old, and Scooter is a year old. I had not thought of this before, but since Fred is gone to the Bridge, could they be vying for the spot of alpha kitty? They really seem to like the new house, and what they are doing seems like playing, but sometimes one will jump on the other, and they will roll like pro wrestlers. I will try the Feliway, I have never had a real problem like this, so I didn't even think of it. Duh, huh! Thanks for the suggestions, I just hope they do not send poor Pearl back to hiding in the closet for good!
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