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Liver Cancer - Vomiting

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Many of you know that my eldest kitty has liver cancer. I have been fortunate because she was diagnosed with it in May, so she has held on longer than I anticipated. Getting her to eat has been a real struggle, but I have been to maintain her weight - more or less. As time progresses, it becomes more of a challenge to do this. Now she is starting to vomit. She has vomited every day this week I am going to call the vet this morning to see if there is any medication that will help her keep her food down. I also wanted some information from any of you that might have gone through this and what worked for you.

Thank you .
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Awww Chris I havent any advice to offer except i'm sending Kenzie over ((((((healthy vibes)))))))
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comes with liver failure.. In humans they use Lactulose.

I have known one kittie who took this for laxative purposes.
But it also reduces ammonia in the brain. Not sure they would use this in cats tho.

The nausea is probably centrally active, not stomach per se.

Your vet will know what to do. I think that is the best route.

So sorry for you and your cat!!

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