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Need Advice; Gizmo getting PLUMP

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We have 5 cats; three are about 18 months, two are about one year. All are males. All are neutered. We feed Nutro dry. We keep a bowl filled at all times and just let them eat at will. Four out of the five cats look good. Poor Gizmo (one of the older boys), well, I don't want to hurt his feelings, but he is getting F A T ! Really FAT. (Sorry Gizmo) My husband's idea is to just get Nutro's weight management and feed to all of them. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I found that one of my two plump ones slimmed down once I started taking the amount of carbs away (many dry foods are high in this) and increased the protein content instead. I used to free feed due to my schedule but in doing so you are unable to watch the intake. The amount of calories and carbs is a big factor in overweight cats.

One of my boys does still remain plump and I've been unable to figure out other ways to slim him aside from more exercise, so I will be curious to see additional answers.
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Try a holistic brand such as Life's Abundance - it dosen't have all those fillers.

here is their website if you can't to check them out........


........and excercise lot of excercise - just like with humans.

But before you do anything - check with your vet and discuss you little one situation.
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I have to meal-feed Prego in order to keep him from eating too much. The vet said I should just limit his food. He is a lazy cat; he doesn't like to exercise. But I think he's getting more exercise since we got Polly, and I'm feeding him a little more now.
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Just cut down on the dry food. My Vet tells me to feed my cat wet food twice a day. And just a 1/4 of a cup of dry during the day just as a midday snack. He said that it is the dry food that causes weight gain, because of all the carbs, and some cats have the tendency to eat all day if you let them. They eat even if they are not hungry. Also, encourage your cat to exercise. My cats various wand toys do the trick and get him panting, then he sleeps like a baby!!
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