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Bald patches on head.

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Hi there,

A feral kitten that i have been feeding for some months now has developed bald patches over the head area.

This happened while i was away for two weeks (l had someone else feed her while i was away). When i came back she had a large sore/graze on her left flank. This disn't look like it was not healing and in fact it has since healed completely. She also had about four empty patches of fur around her head area.

Because i see her quite often i am not sure if they are getting bigger or not. They are not sore, and or red or flaky. They are just empty patches of fur. I am also not sure if they happened at the same time as the one on the flank and have since healed...

She has been spayed and i recently wormed her but i am wodering what these could be due to... i hope there is something i can add to her food to make it stop.
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can you catch her and bring her back to the vet for a looks see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i could but the vets here are notorious for declining to look at feral cats unless it is for spaying or neutering!!
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If the bald spots have scabs or raised welts its likely ringworm. Try using an anti fungal on the spots 2-3 times a day for the next couple of weeks. You should see hair regrowth by then if that's what it is. If more spots appear, its even more likely to be RW. Don't panic, its just a fungal infection.
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no spots welts redness or flaking... just bald... and they don't seem to be spreading but it may be too soon to tell.

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Apparantly cats can have ringworm without getting itchy and red, some cats with it just get bald patches.
I did read once that sometimes cats around 18 months of age can get bald patches on their face(between eyes and ears) for no real reason. But since he's feral I'd get him checked out if you can.
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Zazi - may I ask where you are?
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i'm in the united arab emirates/dubai
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Ok - now I understand your dilema with Vets - I am so sorry to hear that!
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I guess they have their concerns too but sometimes it's just really depressing when your own vet says that there are just too many strays in dubai and tells you not to bother.

If it is ringworm can i treat it through food?
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Can your vet give a medication called "The Program". There are several versions since it is based on the weight of the cat, so can will need to guess the weight of the kitty. Basically it's a liquid that is added to food. I used it on my Loki - he was 7 month old and had ring worm. I'll see what else I can find on the intra net.

Good luck!
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THANKS for that!!
WIll email vet and ask her now
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let us know how things are working out - good luck!
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just wondering how it worked out??
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Called the vet and the vet said to wait and see if more patches appear...
Then we will do something for treatment
problem is that there are so many cats eating from the same area it will be hard to medicate just one...
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At least he saw how much you care and is willing to help!! That is a step in the right direction - Good Job Zazi
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well i'm not sure she is willing to help but i'm sure she will at least sell me the meds...
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i just read up a little on the disease and it says that it is usuallyy in the shape of a ring...
these are not in the ring shape. they are sort of rectangular and all four are in close proximity to each other and they are all on the head area...
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yes it's true - they are usually round - anyway you can get a picture so we can see?
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i will try tomorrow....
i try to go when it's dark and the men from the construction site have already left as they tend to leer at me... and i hate being leared at...
but i'll take my camera down there tomorrow and see if i can get anything...
thanks hell603....
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Sounds tough... thanks for trying to help the poor ferals despite the lack of support. Hope the little kitty gets better soon!
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great - maybe if we can see someone can recognize the problem....
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went down there today... the ones on her head seem to have cleared up BUT
there is a half moon shape developing on her back...

anyway, i couldn't get a good shot as it was too dark. will go down earlier on friday... friday in the uae is the equivalnet of sunday so all the workers won't be there...

i can take their pictures in peace...

Since they are quite feral, they have lived in close proximity to humans all their life but always been very very weary of them.... i was thinking... what if i moved them? does any one know anything about moving ferals from one location to another?

i share a huge garden (HUGE) with about 22 other villas... there are already two cats that i have TNR'd living here.... i wonder would it be a good idea to move them here? it's not actually far from where they live now...

it's just a much nicer environment over here... any suggestions?
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thanks for trying - sounds to me like it still could very well be ringworm.

About your other question - would be great if you could - but it might be a good idea to post this once more in the caring for ferals or SOS section of this forum.
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