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Introduction Problems

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hello, I've read the introducing new cats sticky and used the methods mentioned
however I seem to have an odd situation on my hands.

my four year old neutered male now has an insatiable desire to roam outside, to the point where he has to be fed on the porch and he refuses to use either of the litter boxes in the house, actually getting him in the house is a task in itself.

when the new kitten 6 months old, un-neutered goes to play with him, he'll hiss, and his fur will stand up on end and he'll make all the usual attack postures, but what ends up happening is the kitten chases him around, and the older cat goes into a panic, he actually jumped up onto the screen of the door looking to get out. i was expecting a bit of a tussle but he avoids all contact with the kitten whatso ever. when the kitten is downstairs and he is in the house, he simply sniffs around, tail swaying back and forth rapidly and then leaves.

any ideas, i was trying to keep the older cat inside by cleaning the door with citrus scented cleaner, but it seems that he just tries to escape through the windows or anywhere else.

i guess what my question is, how do i ease his anxiety so i can establish some type of contact and eventual harmony between him and the kitten. also i can't figure out why my 4 year old male is so terrified of a young kitten who seems to mean no harm. any advice or suggestions would be welcome
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also the 4 year old male's last vet visit said he had a clean bill of health.
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How long have you had the kitten? That sounds like perfectly normal behaviour for the first few days/weeks. The older cat is probably just nervous and trying to avoid confrontation, and the kitten is curious and playful. If the cats have been together for months, you may have to accep that the older will never like the younger, though that can sometimes change.

I don't know, if you've already tried these ways, but: Feliway? Rubbing the cat's cheeks and chests with a (same) damp cloth, thereby swapping their scents?
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we've had the kitten about two months. trading scents is what we did initally but it didn't really seem to work. i can deal with the older cat not liking the kitten, but what i'm mainly worried about is keeping the older cat indoors, 1. as a safety precaution and 2. so i can get a read on what might not be working.
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Is it impossible to keep doors and windows closed for some reason? You didn't mention, if you've tried a Feliway plug, it smoothed things over here quite a lot. Your older cat sounds a bit unsure of himself, perhaps you could try to convince him and the newbie that he still has a strong position in the house by paying him extra attention?

Words of consolation: I know of a cat that absolutely hated the new comer, but suddenly, six months later, decided to accept him.
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I try to keep the windows closed and door closed as much as possible, but with the hot summer and early fall we're having they need to be cracked to get some air in the house. The door is open, but we do have a heavy storm door that's locked. I've picked up a heavier screen, since we've had an incident where the cat has pushed or scratched through the window screen to get out.

Today , I cleaned the house up paying extra attention to eliminating the scent. I also picked up a feliway plug in for the house. what i guess was happening was the kitten was in the house all day while i was at work and with the kitten's scent all over my 4 year old wanted no part of anywhere. I added an extra litter box and on the doors I hung a car air freshener from the doorknob so it can be smelt at ground level.

I think I'm just going to have to wait it out and keep my 4 year old inside as much as he cries to go out.

I was wondering about using a pet carrier, with one in and one out until they develop a better attitude towards each other. any thoughts ?
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