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litter box in my room

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hey i didnt know where to put this thread so its here. Anyway, due to lack of place...i have the kitty litter tray right in my room. Ofcourse, the stench bothers me...she pooped for the first time today right in the litter tray....well solid stuff, not stinking at all, but still the fact that the litter tray is in my room bothers me a bit. Do i have to clean it after every pooping sessions. as of now its not stinking but still. Also anyone else have litter trays in their room?
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Probably you dont MUST, but it is more nice for you. It is not any difficult to get out the hards and in a small plastic bag, or even directly in the toilette. (of course no sand in the toilette, only the almost pure poop)

Some cats dont like if there is poop in the litter. But they dont mind some urine.
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I kept the litter box in my room when Ollie lived with my parents for awhile and he lays some stanky poops! I had just gotten used to it though, but my mom has a super sensitive nose and while I would sleep right through the daily morning poo, my mom would smell it from the hall (Ollie was confined to my room because he and my dog dont get along) and she would come in and spray air freshener and scoop for me... Obviously, it'd be best to scoop whenever possible, but i'd say at minimum once a day... also, a covered box would keep things more private and contained... I switched Ollie's box to a covered one and the stentch is less intense and the litter stays in the box where it belongs... I have what is essentially a diaper pail in my apartment and I scoop his box into plastic grocery store bags, tie them, and put the bags in the diaper pail - this also contains the smell and I dont have to run out to my apartment's dumpster EVERY time I scoop - no more kitty poo/pee smell in my apartment (and it's a studio apartment)!
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I don't normally have litter boxes in my room unless I have a cat with kittens, I clean them everyday so the smell never manages to bother me.
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I have a litter tray in my bedroom all the time! We don't have a problem with smell, as I clean it as soon as it is used (or as soon as I get up). I too put the excremement in a plastic bag, so if there is any smell, then it is contained!

Also, if you kitty has smelly poop, it could be her food! you could look at that also, as it can drastically reduce smell!
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Bijou's litter is in our bedroom and Mika's is in our daughter's bedroom. Both are covered litter pans and are cleaned each evening and on the weekends sometimes during the day as well. We can detect an odour naturally when they are using it or just finished, but it soon dissipates.
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I'll move this to Care and Grooming for you

I keep Rosie and Sophies in the guest bedroom, but thats known as their room as well
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I have one box in my bedroom and one in my living room. I occassionaly get woken up by Alfie digging to Australia, but I can't say it bothers me otherwise. The boxes get scooped at least twice a day, often more, and I don't find that they are particularly smelly. If it smells too bad, you may want to check what kind of food they are on - rubbish in, rubbish out!
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I think I saw somewhere else that this is a new kitty for you, right? I just got a kitten two weeks ago, and have been keeping her (and her litter box) in my bedroom, b/c she has had spaying stitches in and I wanted to be able to keep a close watch on her. Her poop is pretty stinky, and I think part of that may be the food like people have said. She has had some problems, and right now the vet has me using Science Diet, which from what I've read on here isnt good! (The food itself smells pretty bad to me) After maybe another week, maybe less, I'm going to slowly switch her to a new food, which I hope will help with the poop smell. For now, I scoop after she uses if I am there. When I leave for class, I'll check when I come back and scoop if needed. She tends to go mostly at night anyway, so many times I just scoop the poop when I wake up and then its mostly pee during the day. Anyways, Like has been said previously, I would do it alteast once a day but its your preference! Good luck with your cat!
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Sierra and Serenity have a litter tray in our bedroom.
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my momma cat and her kittens are in my son's bedroom. I have no smell from momma cat but now that the kits are pooping on their own and they don't know to go in the litterbox there is smell in between their bedding changes every day.
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back when i lived with a roommate and it was just raven & nabu, i had a box in my room and a box in the bathroom. i just got in the habit of scooping it right away. to this day they seem to like to go in the box that's in the room i am in...when we were living with a roommate, it was my room. and i scooped it right away, rather than smell a stinky while working on homework.
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We use cdovered boxes which seem to reduce any smell to a managable level.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'll move this to Care and Grooming for you

I keep Rosie and Sophies in the guest bedroom, but thats known as their room as well
Sooz, if I ever get to come stay for a visit, will I have to share their room with them?
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