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Is anything private???c(this is eerie)

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So I was browsing around http://www.snopes.com/snopes.asp this site is amazing......

but i found a few real eerie things in the internet department

1. If you put a phone number in google, it gives the resident and brings up a map of the location....

even creepier.....

if you go to Zabasearch.com for 30$ you can get background info on anyone in the US...last 20 residences, financial records, even locations of family members...

Is it just me.....or does this seem wrong to anyone else???

So any psycho can get my info...and worse yet the info of the people I love....

I just find it very bizzare......anyone else agree???
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It's really no different from calling information and asking the same.
Easily avoided with an unlisted number.

And public records are just that, public.
Anyone that knows your name can get your info, directly from a county clerk's office.
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This is one of the many reasons I have a unlisted number.
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Eh, you don't have to have an unlisted number to get your info taken off the Google search thing (though of course there are other good reasons to do that). Just go here and fill out the form. That's what I did.
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Thats so scary!!
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nothing pops up for me thankfully....Thank goodness for unlisted numbers!
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Thanks! I removed myself.
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nothing is private these days!
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Thanx for the google info.....but the other site is what really go to me..... I mean i understand that you can go to any city hall and get all of this info....but then city hall also keeps records of who got it....... this site doesnt seem to have that set up.....it appears you can pay with pay pal....which i think can be annonomys.....

just a little freaky thats all

also someone said th google thing is just like calling information....i have to disagree only cause information wont give you an address and a map along with the number you are looking for.......
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It usually isn't up to date....It still says our old address from over a year ago.
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Actually, information will give you an address if one is publicly listed for the name/number.

And a Thomas Guide will give you directions.
It's exactly the same, just the internet is faster.
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