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Missing cat

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Fluffy has been missing for 3 days now....since Sat. morning. I am worried, and can't stop thinking about it. I am afraid maybe she crawled up into the motor of one of our vehicles when it was warm, and we may have inadvertantly driven off with her. I don't know what to do except pray for her return, she was one of my favorites, and this is making me very depressed...please pray for her, I hope that if she is still alive, I can find her somehow.
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P.S. This really means alot to me...I love that cat.
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Poor Debby!

I'm so sorry to hear that! I do hope you found her by now. When one of our cats disappear (only happened once or twice when they fell off the window) we were very upset. Spent hours outside until we found them.

Please let me know if you found her!
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I still haven't found her. I called all my neighbors, and none of them have seen her, then I called some people I knew in the nearest town, it is very small, and told them to keep an eye out for her, but none of them have seen her. I don't even know for sure that she was in any of the vehicles when they left, but that is my only guess. I also wondered briefly if she could have wandered into the timber and something got her, but she rarely left the yard, so I dont think so. I am afraid I will never see her again, and I just keep remembering how she loved to be cuddled, and how I would bring her inside once in awhile to take a nap with me, and she always had to be right up by my face, and she'd lay there and purr, and once in awhile she would stick her nose on mine. Sounds dopey, but it was sweet. I miss her.
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Any news Debby?
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No. Sadly. I think she is gone forever. It has depressed me quite a bit. Today at work I was thinking about all the cute things she used to do. Like, when I would get home from work, sometimes I had some things to gather up in the car before I got out, and she would jump up onto the hood of my car, get right up next to the windshield, and look in at me...as if to say..."Well, aren't you getting out?" And my car always had her little paw prints on it. And when I pulled up with my groceries, I would open the hatch, and I always had to carry the sacks with the meat in first, because as soon as I got back out, she would be in the hatch, trying to rummage through the sacks. I'd take her out...and right back in she'd jump. And the taking a nap with me thing, how she'd stick her nose on mine and bob her head up and down, then curl up right in front ogf my face. She had such lovely long beige fur. I miss her.
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Sorry to hear Debbie. I know when we thought we lost our cat, just the thought brought me to tears so our hearts go out to you. We pray that you find her. Have you thought of putting up posters with her photo. Let us know how it is going. Take care
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Thank you for asking...she has been gone for over a month now....and noone has seen her....we live in such a small community that a picture isn't really necessary....word of mouth works pretty good, and noone has seen her....I have given up hope, and usually try not to think about it, or I will cry.
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