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wanting to go outside

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I am not sure if this goes here so sorry if you have to move it mods-

I have a cat who is just under a year old. We got him from a rescue and up until this last week has never tried to get outside. He is fixed and has been so since about 5 months old. Now he tries to get outside incessantly, and has succeeded twice. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? We live on a very busy street and although his shots are all up to date, and he is microchipped I am not ready to lose another animal so suddenly. Also, I am clueless as none of my other cats have ever tried to get outside-except on leash with me but never on their own. I have never even attempted a leash with this one. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.
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I would suspect that you have another cat spraying the outside of your home. The way to confirm this is to buy a black light and shine it outside after midnight- if you see any telltale glows www.zero-odor.com will eliminate them
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You could try a scare. I'm sure I read this one here at TCS. Try leaving your vacuum by the door, with it turned on, but unplugged. Then when kitty tries to sneak out the door, someone plugs in the vacuum, scaring kitty.

Or my cats hate the broom, and if I set the broom by the door, and just "sweep" a little before opening the door, they scoot away.

My girl is the one who was trying to sneak out, and I found it helpful for her to have a place to sneak into. Like we have a room we never use, she loves to "sneak" in there to explore. Or the cats are generally kept out of our bedroom, and she loves to sneak in there at times. She also loves the closets. Gives her that little bit of new territory to explore!
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My cats always try to run out. I think it is because they were stray kittens when I found them. I just really watch my feet opening the door and quickly close it. When my cats run out they just stand there like, "Wow"! Then I grab them and put them back inside. I guess having a dog too I am used to sqeezing through a crack in the door.
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Apparently he was a stray before he was rescued- they found him completely frostbitten - thinking he might have needed amputation so -yes I guess that means he used to be an outdoor kitty,but not for very long. I try the door thing but I am horrible at shutting it quickly and I do have two young children that don't always remember lol. The vacuumm sounds like a great idea except my cat loves getting vacuumed - my animals are not normal LOL. With him being neteured would he still have the drive to go outside when he smells the spray from other cats?
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