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Cardiomyopathy -kind of long

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My beloved 3 year old kitten died Aug. 7th this year from a very severe form of cardiomyopathy. I went to pick him up when I came inside my house (if I was outside he would always lay at the back door and wait for me and I would always pick him up) and he slumped down in my arms. I was wondering if there was anything I could have done besides harsh medications. The vet wasn't really wanting to go that route either. I feel guilty- still and heartbroken still. I miss his kisses on my nose in the mornings. He stopped giving those about 3 weeks before he died. When we first got him we got home because my beloved cat of 14 years has to be put down and we bought this cat non-intentionally a few weeks later. He wouldn't eat for the anybody and when my kids and I came along he fed out of our ferouciously as he was really hungry so we brought him home. I have three rottweilers who used to cuddle with him nightly. When we first brought him home he would try to suckle off of my bitch and she would let him (even though she was as dry as a bone) and then she would stimulate his bowels they way a bitch would to her pups. He was just meant to be with us. He was well taken care of vet wise and lovingly wise but I can't help wondering if he suffered in maybe ways that I couldn't see and if I could have done anything to help him??? Please help take some of these questions away. I was always wondering if there was an alternative route to his condition but from the time he was diagnosed to the time of his passing was so short I didn't have any time to research this myself. I am also curious as I do have a rescue cat, I had him for about 7 months before my 3 year old passed on and I wanted to know anymore in case -God Forbid this should happen to him as well. We haven't had much animal luck lately- when our 18 month old rott was just 6 months old we spent $5000.00 to save his life
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my beloved Maine Coon to cardiomyopathy in January, though he was 13. Please don't berate yourself for not doing more - there is almost nothing that can be done for this condition. My vet gave me a drug that helped slow Monster's heart rate down, which may have given him an extra month or two, but we all knew from the moment he was diagnosed that he was living on borrowed time.

God Bless,
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I am really sorry to hear about the loss of beloved kitty As Karen said, please don't berate yourself for not doing more. Cardiomyopathy is such a hard disease to do anything much for. Apart from medication, there is nothing the vets can do. And even that can vary from animal to animal, sometimes it buys them more time, sometimes, sadly it doesn't As you said his condition from the time he was diagnosed until he passed was indeed very short, so it seems like it was progressing very rapidly, and unfortunately I don't know if there was much you could have done for him anyway...apart from loving him like you did til his time came.

My cat, Whiskey, was diagnosed 2 months ago. He is only 6 years old. The vet told me it wasn't a severe case, but obviously still present. He is on medication, Fortekor5, and it has done wonders for him! I always worry about him, I just don't know when his time will come, it's a very 'unsure' disease.....but I do know that I will give him all my love and and try to make his life the best I can.

Please, don't be too hard on yourself! You loved him and I am sure he knew this.
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Thank you both for your replies. The time from diagnoses to him passing away was just about three months. We did not medicate. I really hope your kitty does very well on the medication.
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Here is a link that Rosiemac (Susan) gave me...it is very informative.

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very informative website- thank you
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As I mentioned in another post, there is nothing different you could have done to prevent or sucessfully treat this condition. I personally would have euthanized immediately upon receiving and confirming the diagnosis.
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