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Wait a Minute, Mr.Postman!

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As Domestic Activities Co-Ordination Snoopervisor, Mini checks in all packages..

Ooo, lots of peanuts, but no prize!

Something wrong here, let's check the labeling..

This calls for a closer inspection..

Mini is on the job!

Job well done!
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Good Job Mini!!! Keep up the good work!!!
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Oh Mini! Your fantastic! What would the postal system do without you!?!
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Mini's such a good helper!! So cute!!
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What a meticulous inspector!
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Mini deserves a treat for a job well done! Good girl!
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Cute, cute, cute. And a job well done too!
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What a hard worker! Mini, you get a cookie!
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hahahahaahahaha!....this is a lovely and cute thread!! ..
Mini is a great worker! ....
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Too Cute!
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Mini you look like you had fun with that box and it's contents!
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Mini wants to thank everyone for the recognition of her tireless dedication to her duties!

Originally Posted by yayi
What a meticulous inspector!
And she is very serious about it, too! The toilet must sparkle, the bed made just so..bugs & lizards will have no sancuary in her household! She is a ruthless taskmaster, early to rise & pestering us awake so that we can continue her workday!
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Nothing a kitty loves more than a box to play with!!
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