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Whats wrong with his eyes?!?

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We got a new kitten a couple of weeks ago.The kittens eyes had runny stuff coming out of them alot...Well the kittens have gotten better & now my cat ive had for years eyes are messed up....it started with his left eye & now its both of them....he keeps them almost all the way shut & they have runny stuff coming out of them.They look red and swollen.Im really worried about him....he has a appointment on saturday but untill then does anyone know anything about this?Thanks!!!!Any help would mean alot.
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The kitten has most likely given your adult cat some kind of eye infection, conjunctivitis or possible even herpes in the eye if it's so red and swollen. But you said your kitten's eyes are better now, so it may not be that. What you can do until Saturday (unless you can get him in sooner which I'm sure he'll prefer, and with eye problems, you don't want to wait too long) is to put warm compresses on the eyes, and make sure you are gently cleaning them every day, a few times a day. Don't put anything in the eyes until then, though. If your vet would allow it, you could ask that they give you just some basic triple antibiotic ointment for the eyes to ease his discomfort until Saturday. Do the kitties play together, could it be possible that the adult kitty's eyes may have gotten scratched? If, so please get him to the vet asap, you don't want to wait with eye scratches! Good luck!
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I agree it sounds like a nasty infection. I would try to get to the vet sooner or at least ask them for some advice on what to do until then. Good luck! I hope your kitties eyes are better soon!
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Please do get your cat to the Vet to be examined and treated as soon as possible. Your poor kitty must be miserable, and this infection really needs to be treated as soon as possible.
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Thank ya'll for responding....im really worried!Is there maybe anything i can buy at petsmart that might help?
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I wouldn't recommend any over the counter drugs until you know what it is for sure. Treating with the wrong medication could cause blindness.
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Don't take chances with the cat's eye sight. Get him to the vet. Good luck.
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Call your vet and tell him you are really worried and that the kitten us getting worse. Ask if he could squeeze you in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My kitty had the exact same symptoms. The vet prescribed Clavamox. Her eyes cleared up and looked normal but 2 days after the treatment was over the symptoms reappeared. The vet prescribed another antibiotic. Her eyes cleared up again but when the treatment was over the symptoms reappeared again.

It turned out that the bacterial infection was secondary to a viral infection. The only way I can keep it under control is to give her 500 mg of lysine per day. It took over a week for the symptoms to disappear but now her eyes have been clear and beautiful ever since.

If your vet prescribes an antibiotic and the symptoms reappear after the treatment is finished, I think lysine is worth a try.
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Do you still have your cat on Lysine (or did you discontinue it once her eyes cleared up)? Also, how did you go about giving it to her (crush it up in her food)? I have a cat that has a had a problem with a runny eye for a couple of weeks now. She has no other symptoms other than one runny eye. The discharge is totally clear (no signs of infection). I got triple antibiotic with hydrocortisone from the vet. I used it twice a day for 10 days (with no improvement). The vet said the next step is to sedate her to do an eyelid exam and flush out the tear duct. He said it's possible that she has something stuck in her eye that can't be seen (such as a piece of grass). She is strictly indoors (and has been her entire life), so that's highly unlikely. I guess it is possible that she has something else stuck in there though?? It's very frustrating. A few years ago my Golden Retriever had eye problems that went on for months. The vet tried several different drops and ointments and also sedated her to flush her eye out. In the end the problem went away on it's own ($500 and many vet visits later). I still don't really know what the problem was. I just pray it doesn't return.
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