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old cat desperate for home(UK)

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Flora is a geriatric DSH who is tortoiseshell and white (calico). she was brought as a stray into my vets about 5 weeks ago and the forever home that was arranged has fell through we (the nurses) are under increasing pressure fro the bosses to get her out, she is now currently being fostered by me, which isnt a prob as such cos im forever fostering oldies.
she had terrible ear condition, was hyperthyroid and a general mess. we have put her as right as she'll ever be, she had a dematt, recieved medical treatment and then had her thyroid tumour removed.
she will probably need further tx at some point as she's a dear old thing, we always try to give our waifs and strays a chance. she ma have months to live, she may have years to live. she needs a forever place to rest.
she is over 10 years of age and is extremely friendly and loving, she is in the north east of the uk. No rescue can help us, we have tried everything we can think of. any ideas greatly appreciated.
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Sorry don't quite understand all the terminology that you used there tx?

Sorry to be so dense.

Important question - does she get on okay with other cats as I have 3 (approx 12 yrs) as well as a stray/feral that has adopted me. (not to mention the neighbours 3 cats which usually make themselves at home )

All of them are inside/outside cats (farm), so would she & you be okay with that?
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Vicki, are you Emmas sister?
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Flora has not been properly assessed with other animals, for the 5 weeks she was in kennels she did not react exsessively to other cats or dogs. she was introduced to our practice cat (who is a madam!) and just wanted to get away and was a little stressed about the situation. Flora can be stubben and is set in her ways a bit, she is also just about deaf so ideally an indoor home was what we were looking for but we'd give consideration to most things.
Since being at my house, shes living in my bedroom, she has found her inner kitten and has had some playful moments. she has weak legs, cant jump very well so again may be better indoors.
sorry, tx means treatment.

yes! im ems big sis
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i promise to get some pics on moro
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I thought you were!!!.

Welcome to the site Vicki!. Do you recognise that lttle black and white diva in my siggy?!
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hi susan,sorry i dont off hand reconise your gorgeous baby (we have so many lovely moggies come and go via work) but is she by any chance from a litter of kits emma had?! at a guess, Isis' kitten?
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Try Jasmines!. She was handed in at your surgery when pregnant and the owners didn't want her anymore

And here's Sophie with her siblings

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I hope you manage to find somewhere for her. I only take on oldies, but I can't afford to have any more (only have 2), plus I have 2 lodgers and 2 fosters at the mo, so I am choca.
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susan, how daft do i feel !
how could i forget one of Jasmines beauties!!
(by the way thats my washing basket/bed/floor!)
Jasmine was fostered by my until her kittens were weaned, i had the pleasure of her company for six weeks and she was a lovely thing, i shed a few tears when she left but she went to a lovely forever home and i still get to see her
Sophie has grown into a very beautiful little lady just like her mom
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Vicki & Susan...it's a small world. I really enjoyed reading this thread.
Susan...My heart melted when I saw sweet Sophie with her Mommy.
Vicki...you are doing wonderful work. Bravo.
I hope that you are able to find a home for Flora.

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Isn't it a small world Lei, their surgery is only a few minutes from where i work!.

I remember your Em telling me that Sophie was the most confident in the litter and boy was she not wrong!! But her and Rosie love each other to bits, and if you look in Fur Pages they have their own thread.

Back onto Flora, i'd take her in a heartbeat but Rosies very timid and although she only took 2 weeks to accept Sophie she did change such as coming onto my lap, and stayed upstairs more, and it took her a good year to get back to normal again so i don't want to risk getting a 3rd and giving her a set back.

My sister lost her German Shepherd a year ago but is still grieving for him, but i'm working on her to get a cat such as Flora so i'll be ringing her in the next couple of days, but if theres any small dogs that get handed in let me know please?!
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