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Avast Anti-Virus Software

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Does anyone have any experience with Avast anti-virus software? I heard about it months ago (it's FREE), but didn't download it and install it until today. For the past 5 years, I've been using Norton Anti-Virus (NAV), but in the past 3 months, I've had to re-install it 3 times due to program error. NAV's message error recommended I re-install it.

Anyway, my computer runs VERY slow on NAV and it tends to run out of memory (I keep getting that message). So, I decided maybe it's time change or try new software. Today, I installed Avast. WOW!! My computer is now very responsive and it's not freezing up!! I can tolerate my 800 MHz computer so much better!!! I just hope the virus protection is good. I had read reviews and it's supposed to be pretty good.

Just curious if anyone else has used it and to get user opinions.

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I've used in in the past and loved it.
It really was a godsend for my older (now deceased) machine.
Kept it running fast and like new, long after it should have died of natural causes.
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We use it on all our PCs. (How many, you ask? Don't. Ask, that is.) It's great!
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I've tried Avast, but just very quickly and not enough to be able to recommend it or criticize it. I used to use AVG because it was free.
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Haven't heard of it till now, I'm off to download it!
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avast is the best,knocks spots off all the other progs,catchs all the nastys straight away.110% recomend.
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We used Avast on the boys' computer for a year. It was a great program, no problems!
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