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I am really scared...

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My buddy who was helping and personally taking in animals from the wrecks down there in New Orleans has changed his course and is now headed straight to the areas they think will be hit by rita..hes helping people with horses that have no trailers get them out, along with anything else that needs to go. I give him so much credit for doing this stuff..but i am so worried about him!
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MEGA HUGE VIBES coming your amazing friend's way!!! What an awesome person! I'm praying that he is ok and all those poor animals too!
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May God bless and watch over your friend for caring for His children.
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Oh gosh - I really hope he stays safe! Keep us updated if you can.
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WOW! That is awesome of him. I pray that he is safe and helps save the animals!!!
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Thanks guys he promised to keep in touch and call me every hour for as long as he could. He was down in NO as soon as he could pass any roads. This guy truly is a gem! Mom and dad left him a load of cash and he puts it all into helping animals. I tell ya i wanna be an animal at his house, LOL...he has around 1,000 acres soemwhere in the middle of no where Oklahoma. hes been making trips back and forth from No and area since..and now hes headed right into TX. hes got a list of 20 horses already that need to be picked up. *chews her nails* hes a good guy. sometimes though I wanna smack him lol
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Sending lots of stay safe vibes hid way.
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Some people are just compeled by passion to help and I give him boo koos of credit, it's a wonderful careing thing to do, and these people don't do it for pats on the back either, wish him lots of Luck and tell him to stay safe.
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He's an angel. I heard on the news this morning, that in Texas, people are welcome to bring pets to the shelters, they just have to be in a cage with their name on it. Hopefully there won't be the major destruction like in NO!

Prayers for your friend's success.
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sending prayers
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thanks guys. we had a dssey of a storm here last night and lost power. but i still kept in touch with my buddy. he has alot of livestock hes been moving, and his brother is on his way now with their other rig.
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Sending thoughts and prayers of safety his way!!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
May God bless and watch over your friend for caring for His children.
Saying a prayer that he and the critters make it through Rita safe & sound.
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Thanks guys i told him hes getting lots of vibes, and he said thank you he will need them. But hes doing what he feels his his mission. and boy I love him for it!
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