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Ok - weird night. What do babies represent in a dream?

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I had three consecutive dreams last night... and all had a very common factor: babies.

The first dream is the weirdest... I am walking around a very, very fancy shop... its like a perfume shop of sorts. But its deserted. I am the only one in there. And that I am walking through the shop clutching a baby in my hands. That I am holding him, hugging him, playing with him, saying pretty words, calling her "my princess", all with incredible love and affection... that I even get to bottle feed her.

In the second dream, I am driving a car, and that I am carrying two babies on the back seat, in baby seats... and that I am constantly checking the rear view mirror to look after them and when they are awake play funny faces at them through the mirror.

The third dream has a lot more context... I am getting out of my Tae Kwon Do class, and in the parking lot getting into a car of mine, and that I am barely putting the car on gear, when a friend comes to me and tells me that a girl who is a friend of both of us, has attempted suicide... that she's gonna hospitalized for several months. However, she's got a newborn baby, no family and the father ran out on her. That she's paranoid that social services will get involved, and she wants someone to look after the baby for that period of time. And that she trusts me for that. And in the dream I ask him to get me the baby right now and try to have her sign from the hospitals any papers letting me sign to any medical emergency about the baby during her hospitalization. However, the weird thing is that he then gives me the baby immediately and that I just get it in my arms... and that I am just watching the lil' bugger and that I am almost being moved to tears by him.

Okay... I know, that even at my age, I can get to be a very paternal person when it comes to children... I know, I have two nephews who are just now nearing the pre school years. But even these dreams are strange for me.
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Hi, I don't think babies are necessarily a "premonition" factor (e.g. one will pop out in exactly nine months!) but it represents a change, something *new* in life. Don't know any more specifics because I used to dream of babies a lot (have never had them, unless they are furry, meow and walk on all fours ) and it signified a change or something new in my life. Hope this helps!
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I have an answer!

Babies in dreams dont necessarily represent babies. They can represent your subconcious need for a baby. Usually, babies in dreams represent something in your life that requires a lot of nurturing and attention to grow. This could be in a career, or in a relationship. The fact that most of the babies in your dream were happy means that whatever project you are undertaking has the means to take off and be very prosperous, whether its a relationship or a career. Keep your eyes open...these dreams are very positive.
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