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Mega Vibes Needed for 2 very sick little kitties

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We’ve been hit with a pair of devastating kitty health crises. On Friday night, we noticed a small lump on Fizzgig’s upper abdomen, and brought her in to the vet on Saturday AM. The vet said it was most likely a mammary gland mass and scheduled her for a lumpectomy and spay surgery on Wednesday.

She had her surgery today; what should have been a half hour procedure took a hour and 45 minutes. The vet opened her to do the spay and found her to have a severe case of pyometra (infected uterus). When he removed the mammary mass, he described it as “huge†and it had tentacles extending outwards with large blood vessels. He described what he did as “an extremely radical mastectomyâ€. She will be sent home with an Elizabethan collar on it, and we were told that we must be extremely careful to make sure she doesn’t bite at her wound, because the skin is stretched so tightly that if she did, she could very easily puncture a lung. Her prognosis is guarded at best.

Merlin has had diarrhea for a little under 2 weeks, and we’ve been treating her with antibiotics, without results. Yesterday, she hid in the attic and didn’t come down for breakfast or dinner. We brought her down later in the evening and gave her a full can of tuna, which she devoured. However, she was growling when we picked her up and seemed to be straining in the litterbox. We brought her in this AM when we dropped Fizzgig off at the vet.

She has either an intestinal infection or a parasite problem. They suspect Giardia, which is extremely contagious, and are running tests. If it is Giardia, the entire house of cats will need treatment. She was extremely dehydrated and they couldn’t get an IV into her veins, so she’s been getting sub-q fluid. She is going to need a special diet. Her prognosis is also guarded.

Our vet, bless his heart, is not charging us for a pyometra spay, just a “regular†spay, and is charging us for a lumpectomy rather than a radical mastectomy.

The most devastating part of this is that they are both only one year old. We bottle-raised Fizzy from 3 days old and Merlin from 3 weeks old. Fizzy is "Daddy's Little Girl" and sleeps curled up under Tybalt's chin every night. Merlin is my little girl and sleeps next to me every night, and is the first one to greet me every evening when I return home from work.
Please send healing vibes for these girls, they need them!
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I´m so sorry to heard that SUE........
My best wishes to your lovely little ones...

Sending my best wishes and extra lots of (((((((((((((Good Vibes))))))))))))) to they....

please keep us updated...
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Prayers for your babies, Sue! Please feel better very soon, Fizzy and Merlin!
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I hope both of them recover well..
Vibes for the family{{{{{{}}}}}}}}
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Oh Sue!

Sending mega positive vibes your way for your entire household!
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I'm so sorry. I'm sending many many healing vibes for the kitties and the rest of the family. Please keep us posted.
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I'm definitly thinking about them and sending healing vibes!
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Thank you my friends. I promise once I'm moved and settled, I'll be back on here more often. I feel like I've only been on here recently to beg for vibes

You guys are wonderful. Hugs to you all.
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Amy, magor mega vibes coming your way!
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Sue, My heart goes out to you and your little ones. My prayers are with you all.
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Sue, I'm sending most powerful vibes to your sweet little girls that I can muster.
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Sending healing wishes your way for your two Kitties. I hope they return to good health quickly. We love are kitties just as much as are children. And it sure hurts to see them unwell.
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Oh, that is awful! Prayers for a full recovery for both Fizzgig and Merlin. And for peace of mind for you, and that no one else gets the intestinal bug.

My babies just turned one in April. That is too young and vibrant to have to deal with such heavy burdens! Get well babies!
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poor babies get well soon to them both,
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Oh nooooo- there is nothing more I can say than has been already said!!!!! Give you babies plenty of kisses for me and sending healing thoughts their way!!!
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m Hugs
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I hope your kitties get better very soon.
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I'm SOOO sorry to hear your kitties are so sick! If vibes are all it takes, you definitley have them here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{{{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Get well Merlin and Fizzy!
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Lots of healing vibes headed to your kitties!
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Oh Sue I am so sorry to read this! Sending tons of prayers and mega vibes for Fizzy and Merline {{{{{}}}}}. Please keep us updated on their status. Hoping for nothing but the best .
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Fizzy is doing pretty well. She's getting pain medicine every 8 hours and takes it like a champ, not a complaint in the world! She's eating, drinking, using the box. She's also (yikes!) jumping up onto our laps. We're trying to avoid that! She would not keep the E-collar on! But she's purring and chilling out. The vet now wonders if the mass in her chest was somehow connected to the advanced Pyometra??? I guess perhaps a systemic infection? He says it may not be cancer. I am praying like there's no tomorrow that he is right!

Merlin is just the opposite with taking her medicine, she is a little pain! She spews out the liquid and has to be coerced to swallow the tiny 1/4 pill that she only gets once a day. This morning, she got me good on the palm of my hand with one sharp hook of a claw, ouch! The test came back negative for Giardia (Major WHEW!) but they're still treating it "as if" to be careful.

Thank you again for the vibes, you guys are the absolute best. I will keep you posted for certain.
(((((((Major hugs to you all)))))))))
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Thanks for the update Sue. Still thinking of them. AND YOU!!
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Awww sending mega healing vibes.

Lily also was suspected of have got a giardia infection (from where we know not) a couple of weeks ago and was treating with huges doses of anti parasite meds for 5 days. She too managed the fine art of spraying white liquid as far as she could manage (we are parasite free now from the amount we got on us ). She is absolutely fine now - I hope for the same positive and rapid recovery for little Merlin
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Fizzy's looking and acting better every day. Some of her cattitude is coming back. Merlin is still having, ahem, problems with diarrhea, but it's not as bad.
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great news, Sue!
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I am glad to hear that Fizzy is progressing so well and I am sending vibes that Merlin continues to get better and quickly!!! Keep us posted on their conditions.
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You are doing a great job with those lil ones.
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I'm so happy to hear they are doing better. Gotta love board vibes! Still sending them for their continued healing.
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So sorry to hear about your 2 little ones. Sending many get well vibes your way {{{{ }}}}
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Sending many good vibes to your precious babies. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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