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Fubar_ReDRockeT's kitten question

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I adopted two beautiful russian blues 1 week ago and yesterday they had they're first accident. They are 9 weeks old now and up until we picked them up at 8 weeks they had not had any litter box problems. Had always used it. I don't really mind them having an accident being only 9 weeks old and only living in this new house for a week. The thing that does bother me is that it was right in the middle of our bed. I don't know which kitten it was but thank god it was #1 and not #2. Any thoughts on why this might have happened? Are they still learning? Accident or not? No one has stayed in our bedroom. They have been playing in our room for a day or two before this happened and had always went back to the other room where the litterbox is when they needed to go. Sorry for the novel.
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Kittens that young often have accidents. If you think of how tiny their bodies are and how very tiny their bladders are, it is not too surprising that they might get the urge to pee NOW, but since their little legs won't get them to the litterbox fast enough, they just go where they are. At that age they are like human toddlers going through potty training....accidents are expected!

To make accidents less likely to happen, use small short-edged boxes (like cookie trays) that they can easily climb into and out of, and place the trays in multiple places throughout your home. Once the kittens are a little bigger, you can get rid of these trays and use the typical litter box.
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