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Kitten food seggestions?

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I was given Nature's Bestâ„¢ With Real Ocean Fish Kitten food for my kitten after we adopted him, he likes the food and doesnt seem to be having any issues with it but i was wondering if there are healthier kitten food that i should be feeding him instead. I read some other posts saying that science diet is bad, this brand is also made by science diet.
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I use Life's abundance - it's holistic and for all life's stages. Here is the link if you want to check it out!

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so bad cant it be, but of course there are surely other qualitets brands too...
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Nutro natural choice , Royal Canin , Natural balence ( this is an all stage) , Innova , Premium Edge , Feline caviar are all better and in the same price range... What you have is the best SD has to offer otc but read the ingrediants... Please include some to mostly canned in the babies diet
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Nothing much to add, Sharky said it all
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I feed Nutro Natural Choice 1/2 and 1/2 wet and dry. My kitties love the kibble as well as the wet.

I did find with the wet though that, because they are kittens, they wouldn't "bite" the wet but rather would just "lick it" which eventually just compacted all the food down to the bottom of their bowl and they would then leave it cause they couldn't get it off the bottom.

To solve this problem, now I add water & slightly nuke the food (glass dish, 10 seconds max) and then stir it so that it's more of a soup. In nuking it, it enhances the smell so kitties get REALLY excited at feeding time LOL. As another added bonus, this just ensures they are getting the proper amount of water in them since I'm adding additional water (although my kitties absolutely LOVE water).

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