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A 10-year-old's dog is hanged in front of him (Caution: may make you cry!)

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I know that we're all cat lovers here, but some of us have divided loyalties.

Canada.com: "Jeering teens hang family dog"

Can you believe the cruelty of this? Right in front of the dog's owner, a little boy, nonetheless. I don't see how anyone could gain pleasure from doing such a horrible, angry thing.
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These kids - I DONT FU*#>ING CARE HOW OLD THESE LITTLE :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:S ARE,


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I have a headache. I can't take much more of these horrible stories. I can't imagine what makes people do these things. How do they feel about themselves after? My cat got a baby bunny last summer and unfortunately did not finnish the job. I couldn't do it! I had to have my neighbor do it! I CRIED FOR AN HOUR and it was a wild freaking rabbit!!!

I don't have kids for alot of reasons (number one because I'm single). But if I did, you bet your sweet bottom they would be brought up to respect EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. MY OPINION is that if these kids are doing this now at a young age to animals IT WILL BE PEOPLE NEXT. Oh, then something will be done, after they rape and kill some poor girl, right?!?! When young kids, or even adults do things like this THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM - and when it goes un-punished or ignored IT GETS WORSE. So my question is, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PARENTS? If they are minors, the parent should be held accountable as well. They should all be locked up for what we here in the massachusetts legal system call "Being an AssH*^$*%le in the Daytime."
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I'm just very angry - not yellin @ anyone here - just in general.
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these are the type of people (kids) that turn into serial killers - they start with small animals and work themselves up.
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I can't cry at work but trust me I will be in the car on the way home from work. I hope they hand these kids. I wish I was there because I would have beat the kids senseless. Hope they do time or their families do some type of justice for this senseless horrible death.

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I can't bring myself to read this but from the brief synopsis of it I am fuming
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How horrible! I hope they prosecute those @$$holes! You know, I don't even get emotional anymore ..... Yes, it is sad, but it is always going to happen. Know what I mean?
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The way they described these boys, they seem to have no morals. Like they are in a gang or something. Or a devil cult. I've been studying about these cults and they seem to be real dangerous!
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This was a lie. The kid admitted it the next day. He took the dog on the equipment and it fell off and was hanged by it's own leash. To avoid punishment he made up this story. Moneys collected for the "reward" are being returned where possible,remainder supposed to go to local SPCA.
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I have nothing to add...this is just sickening.
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Those teenage boys aren't even human, they are ABSOLUTE MONSTERS!! I can't say anything more, this is way too upsetting!!
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It took me a long time to post earlier, 'cuz I was having troouble with the smilies. So I was struggling with them while Wayne was posting.

Is it true Wayne, did the 10 year old lie about the older kids?

I can see why he'd be scared of punishment, but his story was pretty elaborate?
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Now I'm not sure what to think about this story either.:confused3: :confused3: :confused3: Is there a follow-up article that could be posted for us?
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Sorry folks,the paper has long since hit the garbage,but it was in the next day after the so-called report. Buried in the back pages,naturally. News services don't like admitting they've screwed up.

At any rate the kid's mom claims she's gonna make him publicly apologize...right.

Anyways the story has died a quick death,but apparently not on the net.
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Feb 5 edition of the Globe and Mail on-line paper.
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for: boy and dog
Document No. 1 of 2

Boy recants story of hanged dog

Canadian Press

Tuesday, February 5, 2002 – Print Edition, Page A8

EDMONTON -- A 10-year-old boy who had claimed a group of teenagers hanged his dog at a playground recanted the story yesterday.

RCMP in St. Albert, a bedroom community north of Edmonton, issued a news release saying the dog "in fact died as a result of accidentally falling from the play structure while the leash was still on."

They said they considered their investigation closed.

Reports that resulted from the boy's story had prompted people across North America to offer rewards to help find the culprits.

Donna Barney said her 10-year-old son, David, was playing with Sheba, his German shepherd cross, at Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary School Saturday afternoon.
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I'm so glad I got a headache. Okay - then kick the little boys ass

See what lying does!??!?!?!?!
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