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I am so frustrated! I bought hot rollers for my hair(it's wavy and thought I would try something new) and my hair definately won't take in the curls and that's if I can get the roller to stay IN MY HAIR! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them to stay in my hair and to get my hair to keep the curl?
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If you are using the hot curlers, you need to be sure that your hair is dry. I advise trying it after you wash and blow dry your hair. Once you have done that, spray hairspray or a light mousse in your hair, and as you roll each roller, apply hairspray. The trick is hairspray...dont get the kind that will leave your hair "crunchy". Try a kind that moves with your hair and allows body.

Good luck! You may need to try like foam rollers, that you put in your air wet and wear to bed. Those may work better.
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My hair is so fine that the rollers tend to slip out (not to mention the fact that the curls stay in for about an hour tops!). So, after hours of frustrated experimentation, I realized that if you use about half the amount of hair per roller that you are initially trying to use, they will stay in much easier. This of course means that it will take much longer to curl your hair, as you probably won't have enough rollers to put it all up at a single time, but your rollers will most likely stay in.

Good luck and happy rolling!
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Diane: I do dry my hair and it still doesn't work Where can I get rollers you leave in your hair overnight? At like Sally's or something?

Bossinova:Thanks! I'll have to try those too!

Anyone else try anything that works?
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I can NEVER get curlers to work in my hair. They either slide out or get tangled so hopelessly that I spend more time working to get them out! I know it's me, not the curlers, because other people can do it for me with no problems at all! I'm curler inept. That's it.
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