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new(old)mommy here

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Hello! I just joined this site and couldnt be happier! It took me long enough to find it but it was worth the wait. I have 1 cat her name is Chi Chi.She is 16 years old and fiesty/drama queen. She is a orange striped maine coon, pretty big cat, not overweight just big.Her only problem is since she has gotten older, maybe she has developed arthritis, or just not as active as she used to be and her front claws grow rediculously long. I was unaware of this problem until last year I spotted something dark on the pad of her paw and upon closer inspection(she was sleeping like a rock,she would never let me touch her feet otherwise) saw that her nail had curved and grown into her pad!!! I was heartbroken and shocked to see her in this predicament, she would never let me know she was in pain thats just her attitude to keep to herself, never the less I felt like a horrible owner for not seeing this prior.I took her to the vet and they trimmed all her nails and took care of the ingrown one and informed me that she would need them trimmed every 4-6 weeks to prevent this,things were fine for about a year, then one time, I dont know if she was in an extremely evil mood or what but they absolutly refuse to see her now unless I allow them to put her under anestesia.NO WAY! I have no problem with them calmning/tranquilizing her somewhat but to fully put a 16 year old cat under anestesia for something so little scares me I have since contacted a new groomer and she seems fine with her having an attitude and being evil ,however she has not met the little devil in person yet, her first appointment is this sat. PLEASE pray for her and me that she makes it through without a big huff. Has anyone experienced a cat with an attitude like this? any suggestion? There is no way I could trim them myself(believe me I have the battle wounds and scars to prove it) but does any know a GREAT groomer/vet in the St Louis city area that might be able to help me if this one doesnt work out. Thank you soooooo much for your help or suggestions, I hope I can help you all out as much as possible with any problems you may be facing that I have encountered. Thank you, god bless you and your kitties
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Oh ouch! Poor kitty! With the way they hide their pain, it's not such a huge surprise that you didn't know the nail was ingrown.

Hopefully, someone from around your area will have a recommendation for a good groomer for you. I'm close, but not that close!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi, welcome to TCS to you and Chi Chi! I am absolutely praying for you and your precious baby!Please do keep us updated how she is feeling, we all care about her! Let's move this to our Health Forum where our experts in this field will be sure to see it.
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