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How do I change her food?

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Cody is huge...20 lbs! She's currently eating Purina One - Urinary Tract Health because she is prone to UTI's. But she's constantly eating and seems to be getting fatter since Jovi arrived a month ago. I'm thinking I need to change her food.

How do I go about this? The last time I tried switching to Iams, she got a UTI.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a new food?

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If you are that worried about her weight, and infections, take her to a vet's and get some professional advice. Most vets are delighted to help with this sort of thing.
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I second talking to the vet they can tell you what kind of diet will be safe and nutrionaly sound
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Third a vet visit
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I definatley agree with consulting your vet, but I'm going to give you some things you may wish to talk to your vet about.

Since your cat is both prone to UTI's AND overweight, a diet consisting of all or mostly a high quality canned food would be very beneficial to her. Canned food with it's higher moisture and protein content and lower carbohydrates is excellent for helping kitties slim down, and maintain a healthy weight. It's also excellent for Urinary Tract health. I'll link a few sites that explain it better than I do, and maybe you could talk to your vet about this option

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My Speedboat was overweight and having urinary problems. The vet put him on a food from the vets office called R/D. I think it is made by Hill's., but not sure. He stayed on it for a long time and now weighs eleven pounds. Of course, no other food was allowed and still is not. He still eats prescription food because of the urinary problems, but now he is on W/D formula. He has done well and has much less problems with the urinary stuff. Hope you get some help from your vet.
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I just called my vet and he said to keep her on Purina One UTI because she is so prone to UTIs. So I'm back where we started. I'm doing research on the internet now.
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can you measure out a reduced portion of her food?
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