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is this a healthy ear?

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....those brown spots worry me....
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Cute cat. There may be some ear mites. Why don't you let your vet take a look. If that is the case, he can give you some medicine for it. Sometimes my cats ears just get dirty looking and my vet gave me some stuff to wash them out with.
Good luck.
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actually i just came back from vet today morning, I didnt notice the ears then so didnt specifically mention the ears, neither did the vet mention anything.

Oh god, now i have make her go through the road trip again to the vet. oh, how she hates it and how i hate to see her crying. Hope there arent no earmites. Oh and i wanted to ask are earmites harmful to human beings or they just infect other animals?
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Looks like normal dirty kitten ears to me.
Is the brown stuff waxy or grainy?
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I noticed a couple spots that looked like that in one of Rocket's ears last week. I swabbed it out with a Q-tip. Just plain old ear dirt.
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seems like kitty wax to me!even i swapped it with cotton!yay!thanks for the advice though
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Could be ear mites or the ears could just be dirty. Charcoal has extremely dirty ears so I have to clean his ears twice a week. The kittens have no problem. I check theirs once a week and they stay clean. One more thing, it isn't recommended to use qtips in their ears unless you are a vet because we aren't sure where their eardrum is and you don't want to rupture it. Use cotton balls to clean them, with an ear cleaner or water.
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