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The Things I will Miss

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Things I will miss.

I will miss the way you used to bring me moths and butterflies in the summer.
Bushy tailed as a squirrel you would dart into the house from the garden
Eyes Alight you should sit in front of me and release the unharmed creature form your mouth
together we would watch the insect fly out of the house again.

I will miss the tickle of a tail in the morning wrapped around my neck,
A soft head laying gently against my shoulder.
The paws placed softly in my eyes to wake me, but no sound than a gentle pur
to bring me slowly into wakefulness.

I will miss the companion when jogging the wooded path,
turning my head to ensure you are there.
Together we ignored the stares of the uncomprehending
The wooded path seems lonely now, and the turned head reveals a void.

I will miss the patter of padded feet, as you informed me work was done
No paperwork was sacrosanct, no laptop in bed acceptable
All stress yielded to the gentle swish
of impatient tail and purposeful feet.

I will miss the annual mission to climb the Christmas tree
and rearrange the cards.
Why bother opening a box of tinsel, it will not glitter
When you are not there to make it your home.

I will miss the endless cooking experiments together
With you watching another impending disaster from your perch on the stool
licking your lips as you anticipated a failure
knowing we'd share whatever the result.

I will miss the comfort you gave me by staring into my eyes,
Whenever sour news darkened our home.
There is no-one to take the pain away or offer comfort
when the news is the sourest of all.

I will miss the Sunday afternoon gardening
supervising from the heights of the bench
how often I shouted when you insisted inspecting
only to place you gently in one I had dug with my bare hands.

These are but a few of the things I will miss, dear Carmen
now you are no longer at my side
I thank god for the fun and laughter we shared together
and hope you have found a peace from the pain I now feel

Sweet Dreams, my beloved Carmen

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I pray you will find comfort in your memories of this wonderful cat.
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Oh Gareth, what a beautiful tribute to Carmen In reading this, I was able to feel the love and the joy that you and Carmen shared.

RIP sweet Carmen
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Your words to describe your loss, will hit home to many such as myself that also miss the cats we still love, those no longer with us.

I want to thank you for your beautiful tribute, because in your words of sadness, you stirred up bittersweet memories for me of beloved ones now at peace.

Carmen was lucky she fell into your hands, and I suspect you feel you are luckier that she decided to share her love with you-
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Oh Gareth i come on here and try to be strong and to help the ones that have lost their beloved cats, but that has opened the floodgates for me sitting here

Thank you so much, that was so touching. Carmen will be proud of her Dad!
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That is one of the sweetest tributes I have ever read. I am sorry for your loss.
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what a lovely touching tribute.
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That was such a beautiful tribute to your beloved cat. I am so touched.
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What a lovely tribute, Gareth! In so few words, so much love is expressed. Be gentle with yourself, friend, you will feel better eventually, though it will never the same.
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I try not to come here to often, because it saddens me to feel the pain of someone who lost their best friend Gareth, what a wonderful tribute to your sweet Carmen. May he rest in peace in Gods loving arms and may you soon find comfort in your heart from your loss.
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this was so beautiful!
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Like several others, I try not to come here too often because the pain of losing Sunni is still so fresh in my heart. However, I know that it takes support and understanding to get past that pain. This is a beautiful tribute to Carmen. Your love for her will never die, and I promise, the pain will ease.
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What a beautiful poem for a very, very special cat! your words so wonderfully conveyed the personality of Carmen and the depth of your close relationship. It touches the heart of every cat lover! I hope that you find comfort soon for your loss is so very, very great. Hugs, Susan
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thank you for those beautiful words Gareth
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What an amazing tribute.

RIP Carmen
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