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Easy beauty tip

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For those of us who like to go barefoot..............
I have the most horrible looking heels. Very dry,cracked,peeling and dirty!!!!
I had applied cream up wasn't too consistent.
Yesterday in the shower I used my "Pro Ped" (from one of those mall beauty supply stores as this is what my podiatrist recommended -better than a Pumice stone). But I put a "glob" of sugar scrub on it and tackled my heels.
I did it again today and I might be able to have them look more normal soon
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Hate shoes, feet look awful, don't really care except that I know it can lead to problems.
I'll have to try this.
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I haven't heard of Pro Ped! Sounds great though - probably the product I need! I'll have to see if it's available in the UK!

I used to get some great foot care scrubs, soaks and creams from Avon, but my last order never came
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Hummmmmmm sounds good to me. I have the same problem. Always barefooted and my feet are so gross.lol Ive tried lotions of all kinds and they havent worked so I may give this one a try. Thanks
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For me using one of those metal files and Kera-sal works - but I have to do it every day - and I get in to much of a hurry and don't do it as often - and back it comes.
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hmm, thanks for the tip! I often go around barefoot in summer which can be a bit harsh on my pegs - Not that anyone is really going to see my feet again until may, but thanks anyway

btw - does anyone know a good way of removing waterproof mascara? I have one that works really well, but the darn stuff is like house paint. Nothing I usually use can remove it very well!
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I couldn't copy the picture but this is what my podiatrist told me to use
The cost is about $14 US
I have had mine for YEARS!!!!!!!

ProPed Professional Ceramic Stone by Mehaz

Two-side ceramic rasp helps smooth calluses and rough skin on feet, elbows and knees. A technologically advanced filing surface good for dead skin while being remarkably gentle.
Product Features:

Smoothes and softens rough skin on feet, elbows and knees.
Quality crafted super-rigid structure requires less pressure when filing.
Ergonomically designed. ProPed is weighted for perfect balance. You'll love the way it feels in your hand!
Use wet or dry to slough off dead skin.
Durable construction. Can be disinfected.
Long-lasting sanitizable ceramic foot rasp
Two-sided, coarse and fine.
Non-slip grip handle.

Soak feet in warm soapy water. Use the coarse side to smooth rough skin and calluses. Then use the fine side to exfoliate skin.

To sanitize the rasp, immerse in sanitizing liquid for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer. Dry and store.
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I broke down and got a pedicure yesterday. First one in 37 years, because I wasn't ever sure I would like them! HA! That was lovely. Expensive, though, so I'll probably be learning to do it at home. Barefoot all summer here, too. Ugh!
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My Youngest Daughter when to Nail class at the collage, for manicureing, artifical, and such, But I do not like anyone to to bother my feet she did give me some cream for the cracked heels and the stuff was amazing, you use it with the pumice stone. She actually is taking the whole goody, she wants to be a skin care person, I can't wait for that, I hope she gets a good job with the laser stuff
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I can't recommend the Homedics foot spa enough!
I too, use a metal foot rasp (after a lovely soak in the foot spa).
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