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Cat Cough!?!?

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Last night, my cat woke me up with a dry, wheezy kind of cough. At first I thought he was throwing up a hairball, but he didn't. He did it a couple of times within a 2 hour period and that was it.

My question is this: 3 weeks I brought home a new cat with an upper respiratory infection. HE didn't have a cough, but sneezes. I kept him segregated from my resident cat until his sickness was gone (he was taking Clavamox). They've been hanging around together (no segregation) for about a week, but he's no longer sick. Could my resident cat have caught an URI from my old cat? Is a cough a symptom of URI?? Or...could my resident cat just have a little cough from the changing weather??

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I know alot of cats that cough if sick with the URI. I would get him checked out.

From what I have worked with, Prednisone is used for cats with cough, but hey, I'm no vet. =)

Clavamox never worked for my cats.. Amoxicillin and Baytril were awesome.
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Your cat needs to be checked by the vet. Hope all goes well with it.
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Cats can develop pneumonia after exposure to the upper respiratory virus. I would definately take him to the vet.
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