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school..........busser or walker?

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There are a bunch of kids waiting at the corner of my street for the school bus to take them. I never had to ride the bus as a child. I lived in the middle of my elementary, middle and high school. How about you?
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I walked because my school was only 10 minutes away from my house
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I needed a bus when I lived in the country, loooooong walk to school then. It was in another city

and when I went to a private school, I got a ride. Otherwise it would have been a 2 hour walk. Other than that, Iw as homeschooled, so I never had to walk to school. but now we live a close distace to a highschool and an elementary school (kindergarden-grade8 here) so my sister can walk. =) but the other sister takes the bus to a different school
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Another country kid who rode the bus. Same bus route and bus driver throughout my public school experience! The only variation was whether I waited at my drive or with the kids across the highway.
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Kindergarten was a bus, but I refused to take it because I am a big . The rest of elementary was walking as was Middle School. The High School was slightly farther and there was a bus, but I would occasionally walk home anyway.
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We didn't have school buses in my town. There are 5 elementary schools throughout town and the Jr. High & Sr. High schools were right in the middle of town. I used to get mom to drive me and if that didn't work I walked.
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K-2: Rode the bus
3-5: Rode with my mom, she became a teacher at the 2nd and 3rd elementary schools I went to.
Middle School: walked or rode my bike because it's less than a mile from my house
High School: got a ride or drove myself.
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Alway the yellow bus!!! Until we got our driver's license in high school and got a car!!
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we only had an after school bus, so i took the normal one morning adn evening because i hated the school bus!
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I was a busser and sometimes a car rider, never a walker--too dangerous and too far!
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Yet another country kid who rode the bus to school. It was finally nice when I got my license and didn't ever have to ride a school bus again!
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I was a country kid who should have rode the bus but from K-8 the school I went to my mother was a teacher at so she just took me. It was a private school so all the grades were in one building rather than having a seperate grade school and middle school. Then in 9th and half of 10th grade I rode the bus then I got my license and drove from then on.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I walked because my school was only 10 minutes away from my house
Same here!
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walked most of my younger years, but then we moved out into the country and I had to take the buss in. I was the last stop - 45mins every night And then over a mile to the house.
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A Car Boy......
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I was driven to school!

When I was at Primary school it was only 2 minutes from my house, but my Mum had to drop my sister off a couple of miles away, so I went with them! Then, High School was 7.5 miles away and my Mum had to take my sister in (same school) so we went by car again!

Then there was no designated bus for college, but I drove anyway!
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elementry and middle school i rode the bus, high school I got a ride from my dad in the morning. walked to my moms after school and waited for my dad
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Until recent memories I thought school busses taking you to school was a myth. I thought they were only for field trips. So no, I didn't take the bus. I walked pretty much the whole K-12th (with my parents the first few years though).
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I rode the bus home from school, but my mom always took us in the morning.
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1-5 bus
5-10 rode with someone or the city bus
10-12 walked or drove
I didnt go to "real " kindergarden it was daycare
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K - 3 - My grandparents drove me.
4 - 5 - Rode my bike to school.
6 - 10 - I moved twice in this period and went to 4 different schools. (2 middle schools, 2 high schools) 1 school I had to ride my bike to and the others I rode the bus.
11 - 12 - Got a ride from friends until I could drive myself.
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All through primary I got a ride because my school was quite a way away

College, I either catch the bus, get a ride or walk! It's ten minutes away
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When we lived in Alaska, I had to walk to (elem.)school (it was right around the corner). When we moved to Oklahoma, I started riding the bus, until the first year of high school when I started getting rides from friends. Havent ridden on a bus since!
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