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Ok so what do you all think?

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Right. My hair. It sucks. It is dry, frizzy and kind of at an in-between semi length that is SO boring.....

It's about shoulder-length or just longer, medium brown with reddy and blondey foils through the top half.

I am going to get it cut tomorrow - a short shaggy cut with a very short chunky uneven fringe, dye it jet black and have some electric blue foils put through the top.

What you all think??

Here's a couple of pics - these are the two styles - I'm having it cut like the first shaggy style with the shorter fringe of the second picture....

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Love it

I had the first style about a year and a half ago but instead of jet black I took with me to the salon Garnier Intense Blue Black box colour. It looked awesome until the blue washed out.

I would love to see pics of your new look
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Well I will post when done!

Luckily I'm not scared of radically changing my hair - when I was younger studying Performing Arts I had purple, pink, red, black, platinum - you name it I had it. Short, long, shaved, spiky - there was no end!!! My poor parents used to completely despair...

I've been so normal and boring for so long now a change is definitely in order!
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What a great change, Sarah! Looking forward to seeing your results!
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Prepare yourselves....

This is me about five minutes ago - I have just finished a 12 hour shift at the hospital, no makeup, shiny skin, dirty lank hair, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

My hair is actually normally really curly but it's SO dirty in this pic......and no I didn't wear it like this to work it was up!!

And tomorrow you'll get the pics of the new style....!
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my hair is horrible too, can't do anything with it.. and I hate my natural hair color.. so I have been practically every color under the rainbow.

Can't wait to see!
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That sounds really cool. You're so daring!!! Can't wait to see the new pics today!!
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Your hair will curl up nicely with shorter hair!! My hairdresser wanted me to grow my length longer but I might have him hack a couple of inches off. Oh and change the color too.
Have to see what your new "do" will look like!!
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
Hi Sarah!
this is my vote! ...
I know you would be best than the model! .....
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OK! It's all gone!

It doesn't look like either of those pictures but nice anyway - I love it. Kind of looks like Betty Boop actually...

I'll post a pic as soon as I get home!
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I can't wait to see pics!
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Sarah! We want to see! We want to see! Its tomorrow already!
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No pics yet?????
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No not yet sorry! My camera battery is dead and won't charge so I have to go off and buy another one....

Here's something to keep you going for now, though....

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Righto. I surreptitiously took a pic on my camera - not that flattering but here it is!!!

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Wow, Sarah! What an incredible change! You look fabulous! That style is made for you! What do you think? Are you thrilled with your new look? Bet you feel brand new!
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I like it!!!! That's an excellent look for you!
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Aw thanks guys! Yes, I love it.

And because my hair is SOOOO curly, it's been cut really well so I just have to pretty much get up and run my fingers through it with some wax and it looks ok!


And yes, Stephanie, I do feel like a new woman - it's great I feel all

Max couldn't believe his eyes!
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Great look!!!
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Wow, I really like it. Makes you look younger too!
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you look all freshned up
its really good
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I think it would rock. I was considering something like that today when I was at the hair salon but went with red and no highlights this time.
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Not that you looked old to start with, but thats taken years off you! And you really suit it
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Wow! That looks great! Not that you looked old before, but it really looks youthful and flattering.
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What a dramatic change! That looks great!
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Wow that really looks great. Its must be so nice to have a natural curl in your hair unlike us that have fine stick straight hair (sigh!) If I would have a cut like that it would be straight and flat and I would have to walk around like this..
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That's lovely on you.. really brightens you up, and it's quite spunky
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I absolutley love it!! I think it looks so great on you!! Great choice of cut and color!!! Its you! Did I say I love it??
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