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Boo hoo waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

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I just found out about a kitty that needs adopting - a beautiful 2yo male, spayed Russian Blue. He doesn't even have a name and his owners already have two cats so they don't want him anymore.


Max said no - he said it's not fair on the other girls because we've just moved and they're trying to get used to Ruby etc etc etc.

He's got some good points but


Max is now in my bad books
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Sounds to be such a precious little one! Now, why does Max get the final say in this matter!
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He doesn't I suppose, but I can't very well go off and get another kitty when he REALLY doesn't think we should. A bit of compromise wouldn't go astray...lol.

No, he's right I guess. If he wasn't I would be a lot madder.

I just told him he had a cold heart and I didn't love him anymore. That usually works
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Awwwwww poor thing Put the tears on with Max because that sometimes works
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Yes, usually that works beautifully.

Unfortunately for me he's not being cold hearted - he is thinking of our other kitties and Ruby, and this poor little man who would probably be very freaked out coming into our house. Of course, I think everything will work out fine, but I tend to be a bit in denial sometimes!!
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I know, and this is why i'm cautious of getting a 3rd cat because of how Rosie would take it

My friend whos a vet nurse text me last night asking if i knew anyone who would take on a 10 year old cat that had been handed in at the surgery called Donald.

She said his nature is so sweet and all he wants is to be a lap cat, but i know it would give Rosie another set back by adding another, especially an older cat
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Rosie doesn't adapt well to change???? I think an older cat (my Grizzly is 10) is mellow enough not to upset the balance in the house.
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