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Immediate Help needed

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We just found this stray kitten. She is so starved and thin that she is near death. Very little movement from her. We are trying to get her to digest a sugar(Brown Sugar) and water mix. We continue to pet and massage her but her eyes run from clear to haze... Any suggestions to help keep her alive would be appreciated...

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We tried... Unfortunately she apparently was beyond saving...
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I am sorry- but these things happen. Just for next time you can bookmark and turn there if you find another small one in distress.

I will move this to crossing the bridge now
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Poor little cherub Thanks for trying to save her

RIP little one
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Thanks for caring - at least she is no longer in pain
rest easy little one
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You did what you could to save this little baby. Rest in peace sweet kitten. You were loved.
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Bless you for trying to save this precious baby. She went to the Bridge knowing that someone loved her, feeling the warmth of your tender care. Play freely and joyfully over the Bridge, little one.
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At the end she was with someone being cared for. That's a wonderful thing. RIP sweet baby.
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What a relief that this baby found someone to care for her at the very end. Rest peacefully, angel.
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I'm sorry you weren't able to save this kitten.

Rest in peace, PurrBoy's baby!
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Condolences on your loss! At least the kitten didn't die alone.... Bless you for caring for her during her darkest hours. Rest in peace, precious baby - I'm sorry that you were cheated from life's joys but I'm glad that your suffering is over now. And, PurrBoy, thank you for being a friend to God's precious creatures. Hugs, Susan
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You did what you could! Thank you for caring...At least she isn't in pain anymore
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RIP Little one! ....
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Bless it and may your god bless you for what you did - it could not have found a better set of people to slip away with knowing it was loved and cared for at the end.
Thanks for caring and being there
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i know this is belated but...

RIP little one - play happily now where you are forever safe
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