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Show people..feet hair

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Heres a question and i can not find the answer to. Do you have show cats just go a nautral? as far as hair everywhere. hhe i know on my persians they have exsessive "feet tufts" that stick out at the bottom of the paws and in bwteen pads and such. With loki i always keep them trimmed and nice and neat so he doesnt step in anything in the box or something and have it get stuck.
and I know on show horses we keep feet hair trimmed off..LOL

But what about cats?
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It depends on the breed standard I suppose. My Norwegian Forest Cats must have the hair between their toes and under their feet intact - the more the better!
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No don't cut it! It's very much desired in the Persian breed!
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From what I know, unless the hair is a fault you should never cut anything off. Tee hee, that's why I like short haired cats no worries about a 2 hour grooming session per cat.

Are you planning to show? I guess it wouldn't really matter what you did to your cats fur if you aren't taking them out.
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Since the breed standard calls for it, and you plan to show, you shouldn't cut it off, just like everyone says.
If you not showing your cat, then you could shave the whole cat, LOL.
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LOL i was just making sure. I know the standard is aok with it. But sometimes show people can be funny, LOL the arabian standard calls for a full main that covers the neck..but most people give their arabs a HUGE "briddle path" it shows off the neck more. Bla. I dont do that I stick to the standard just making sure.

Ares isnt ready for the show on saturdday still got the sniffles. So we forwent that one for everybody.

Next up January
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Only hair I've seen trimmed by the Persian people is to make the ears "rounded" - by plucking the hairs on the tips of the ears. In Maine Coons its highly desirable to keep those ear tufts.

On my rexes I used to make sure any hair was out of the ears to make them look bigger.
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