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No problem, just wondering why...

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Why does my cat roll around on the concrete and in the dirt when she is outside? It seems pretty normal, and I guess most cats do it, but I'm not sure why they do it She stretches out her arms and her legs and turns onto one side and the rolls on to her back and then onto the other side while letting out soft little 'meows'..

Are they just stretching or playing or what?

Thanks for the help
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I think it is a sort of scratching her back. They have difficulties in efficient scratching themselves in the back - they can but barely.
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Or it is also a sign they are in heat- if not spayed. They will also roll in the dirt on a scent that captures their fancy, or to leave their scent in the dirt
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I think mine do it because they like to get dirty and dusty.

Seriously though - I always that it was the rough concrete that they liked - the really smooth concrete of the garage they don't like.
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Yeah, ours always preferred the rougher concrete of the porch and sidewalk or our gravel drive. It just feels good sometimes.
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My Aunts cat also does it, and shes spayed.

my Gordito does it when I take him out on the leash, but I partially think thats because he wants his harness off
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My cats do it too. They especially like it when the sidewalk is nice and hot in the sun. Pushy loves rolling around in dirt and getting all dusty.
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Percy does it on the concrete, but only when we are outside. It's like he's rolling around saying, "Look how cute I am!" It works, he gets belly rubs every time.
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