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sorry this is a very long problem, plzzzzzz help me.

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our 1 yr old cat keeps attacking my fiance's head. we first got her last march, and it took her a while to become open to us. but eventually she would crawl on our laps, and sleep w/ us. we did as everyone suggested, she has all her shots, and was spayed {but not declawed}
she is an indoor cat, but sometimes we do take her out on a cat leash to sniff dirt, climb trees, watch birds, watch people, etc.
she has a ton of toys, and a special spot where she naps on top of the entertainment stand complete w/ a stationary cat toy, cat fleece blanket, and heating pad {we put the heating pad up there because she likes warmth, and was always sleeping on top of the computer, and we were afraid that she would ruin the inside of the computer w/ sheaded hair.}

my fiance's family have never owned a cat, and they don't know how to act around her. {unlike me, i grew up around cats}
now when they come over chloe {our cat} gets really hyper, and jumps every where, she'll run in and out of rooms, jump on the funiture and arch her back, and take off again. and then come back, and so on..
until she finally settles down.

my fiance's brother is always picking her up when she is asleep he'll go over and pet her, and blow her kissy faces and pick her up and take her over to the futon and lay down w/ her. then she'll jump down, and run away from him. we told him to not pick her up but he just gets defensive, and doesn't listen, or forgets what we told him. and also when my fiance's sister comes over she is always picking chloe up, and running after her, and chasing her around the room ,and buying a ton of toys, and treats for her.

i think chloe is very spoiled, but now for my actual question. she is always attacking my fiance's head. it's weird he'll be sitting down in the living room, or sleeping in the bedroom, {or in rare cases in the bathroom on the potty}completely unpervoking her, and she'll start eyeing up his head, then she'll pounce on him very aggressively, she digs her claws on either side of his head and then she'll bite the top.
he'll sometimes block her attacks or some how manage to get her off and she'll keep on trying 3 or 4 more times before she finally trots off w/ a defeated look on her face.

and here lately she has been bullying him. she'll jump up on his chest when he is reclining, or laying down. and she'll act as if she is going to strike, but she just stares at him mencingly, as she climbs over him, almost like she wants to keep him in line, and let him know who is boss.

it's really starting to get creepy for the both of us even though he is the only one she'll attack. and she'll still cuddle to him, and sleep on him.

i am the "cat expert" in the house, and i have never seen a cat do this.

so here are some of my thoughts of what it could be.

she has the cat herpes virus in the eyes. which that could be the cause of it.

my future mother and sister in law own two dogs each, and at one point in time all 4 dogs have been in this house, maybe she can still smell their scent.

maybe she is lonely and wants a playmate.

or maybe she is too cooped up in the house.

or maybe there are too many people {friends, family} coming in and out of the house.

what ever it maybe, we really need help. its starting to creep us out, and my fiance is becoming afraid of her.
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Do you live with your fiance? She may be jealous of the time you have been spending with him (especially if you ignore her when you are with him). Iwould suggest that if it is a jealousy issue, try to play with her when you & he are both together to show her that you are both fun. That way she won't resent him.
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Really it just sounds as if she has picked him to be her playmate. If you watch cats interact together, this is what they do. If you are not up for a playmate (kitty) for her, I would try using other interactive toys every time she does this. I would keep a laser, feather on a wand or something that he can get her attention with. Teach her that it's not acceptable to play with her human. That she needs to play with these other fun things.
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thank you for your replies, your are really helpful, but i don't see how she could be jealous. we both picked her out, he was reluctant to get a kitten because he has no experience w/ cats. he was afraid to even hold her at the pet store, i held her on the drive back to the house and she would cuddle w/ both of us. until she was about 4-5 months old. then she didn't want to be held, or picked up. and if we do pick her up she goes up and sits on our shoulders. we both spend time playing w/ her together. we have a laser pen and she went crazy for it but then got bored w/ it. and i told my fiance to keep some toys by him so if she looks like she is about to attack, he can just toss them and she'll run after them. and she did, but then she'd come back and attack him. and like i said she has a ton of toys half we keep in her special bag and the other half are spread all over the floor. we have a kitten mitten, two of those cat wands w/ the long piece of fabric on the end. we have a vibrating mouse, a ton of plastic balls w/ the little bells inside{which she loves}, 3 scratching posts that she never uses. i mean she has a ton of everything. there is really nothing that she doesn't have. so i don't know whats wrong.. maybe if we kept a spray bottle handy and squirted her when she attacks.. do you think that'll work? oh and we have thought about a playmate for her, but we can't because chloe could spread the herpes virus to the other cat, we thought maybe a small friendly puppy, the kind of breed that will get along w/ other pets. but perhaps she is getting too old for that solution. i think she'd just sit on top of a chair and watch the puppy as it tries to jump up and play w/ her.
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Does she seem to be doing this viciously? If so, it may be whatever shampoo or other hygiene product he uses. Or, she could associate his brother and sister with him - they may have similar smells since they are related. She may feel hostile about the way they are treating her (not abusing her, but still not respecting her space and her desire to be left alone) and take it out on him, since she doesn't feel threatened by him. Is it possible to isolate her to prevent the brother and sister from bothering her, since they apparently don't obey?

If she appears to be playing, then, yeah, what everyone else said.
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