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New Pics of the Family

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As requested, here are some new pictures of our fur family. I just snapped these tonight quickly, so they aren't the best quality.

Here's Abby


Thomas. This is the only clear one I was able to get of Thomas, because he kept trying to put his nose on the lens.

Shelby. Also couldn't get a clear one of Shelby...she kept moving around too much.

And Leo who is thinking, "Who disturbs my slumber?"

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You have such beautiful babies!!!
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Robin!!!! Those are GORGEOUS GORGEOUS photos!!! Honestly, I think those are worthy of publishing or postering and much wider distribution.

P.S. I guess it helps that your subjects are gorgeous too

P.P.S. I'm starting to see some resemblance between Cooper and Abby
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I've always said that Cooper looks more like Abby than Thomas does. (Thomas only has her coloring) But Cooper has her fur exactly (only a different color) and the same shaped face and even a similar personality. He's real long like Abby too. Thomas is like a velvet teddy bear.
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Awww.... they are just precious, Robin
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They are all so adorable!!!
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I Love that closeup
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They all look so wonderful Robin. So nice to see them again.
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Robin, those are great photos! =)
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Beautiful photos of some beautiful cats! !
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Awww.. they are all beautiful!

Thomas looks sort of like my Gordito!
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Hello Robin! Welcome back!

I have missed reading your posts and seeing gorgeous pics of ur gorgeous furfamily!

Hope to see more soon!
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Beautiful kitties and pictures! They all look so cuddly!
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Oh my, they are gorgeous cats. I want them ALL!
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Originally Posted by Bugaboo1
Oh my, they are gorgeous cats. I want them ALL!
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Awwww, wonderful pics of your gorgeous furfamily, Robin!
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They are all so cute! I think they are beautiful pictures!
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Hi Robin! It's good to see you posting again! I have sure missed seeing pics of your beautiful babies!

Abby is so fluffy! Does she have more fur than she used to??
Thomas and Copper sure have grown into such big beautiful boys!!!

Wonderful pics, keep 'em comin'!!
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Very cute! They are all purr-fect! Thanks for sharing the new pics Robin!
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Oh Robin you've made my night seeing this thread. Please keep adding to it, ok? I love seeing ALL of them. There's my beautiful Shelby, Abby and very regal Leo!! The boys are as cute as ever!
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Those are beautiful pictures!
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as always, you have beautiful shots of your lovely family. keep 'em coming!
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Those kitties are just beautiful! I love how Abby and Cooper make eye contact, "posing" for the pictures! They are all gorgeous!
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All of your kitties are beautiful. Great pictures.
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Those are wonderful pictures!! Very beautiful cats, too!
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Has Kittykook been around??
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