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Pics of my boys

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Now that I've finally managed to work out how to post pics (with much help from Cat - thanks!) Here are my boys:


and Jimmy:

And I love 'em to bits

I've got sooooo many pics of them (my fiance always moans when we get our pics back from the developers), but I don't want to bore you all with them
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Hee hee!! Great pics Sal!!! More more!! We want MOOOORE!!!!! What beautiful babies!!!
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hiya Sal, nice cats. The first one looks like he's smiling at the camera. :laughing:
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beautiful - Chevy has really cool coloring - Jimmy looks just like my Jake! :tounge2:
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Originally posted by Traceyscat
The first one looks like he's smiling at the camera. :laughing:
I know - Chevy is such a poser!! :LOL:

Here he is waiting for me to come home:

and here's Jimmy in September just after his bladder operation (hence the bare belly):

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Chevy looks huge, how much does he weigh? Why did Jimmy have bladder surgery, if you don't mind me asking?
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Ahhhh....more posers I see!!! hahaha!!! You're great at this Sal...another pic lover! Great MORE MORE!!! As my other blokette Rhee says! We're going to drive you nuts for more pics! hahaha!
Oh, yes, why did your poor baby have to get surgery, is he okay now? Both are beautiful!!! "Kitty Sammich" time! hahaha!

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Hahahaha - you lot are mad!!! :laughing:

Chevy is huge and Jimmy is catching up with him (he lost a lot of weight when he was ill) Their dad is massive too and they all seem to have unusually long bodies. They are the result of my sister's cats having an 'incestuous fling' I don't have any scales at the moment (they're on the wedding list), but when we finally get some, I'll have to try and get their weights.

Poor Jimbo was so ill we nearly lost him - It happened just at the time when we were moving house, so I was doubly stressed. According to the vet, he had a hole in his bladder (which he thinks had been there for some time) and Jimmy's insides were literally being poisoned. The night before we moved house, we had a phonecall from the vet asking if we'd give permission for him operate and sew the hole up, although there was a 50% chance that Jimmy wouldn't come round from the anasthetic. You can imagine what a state I was in, but we wanted to give him every chance possible and thank goodness we did. He came home a week later and now he's like a kitten again - to look at him now, you'd never guess he'd been so ill.

I've certainly learnt that you should never give up hope (sorry about the essay)
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US?!?!? MAD??!?!?!?! What gives you that idea?!?! :laughing2
Im so glad to hear he made a full recovery!! I bet you were SO releived!! I HATE it when my babies have to go for anything..... a while ago Monty ( my black Cornish Rex) was rushed in cos his intestines had "telescoped" inside each other... he lost tons of weight and was soo sick.... similar thing really only about 60 - 40 % he'd make it... Sooo glad now though - hes making up for all that lost weight!! greedy fat pie!! hahahah
Oh and Cat - Sheesh lady - you can't "sammich" her kitties yet love!! they only just got here!!! gees.... some people... just want to munch every kibby they see.... :laughing:
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Oh Gosh! Yes we are mad! Bwwwwaaaaaahhhaaahahaha!!! Well some of us are...Rhee for sure though and let me tell you...she's just trying to get to the kitty sammiches first!!! Be careful, she's the slickest one of the group! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

I'm so glad to hear all of these operations came out for the best! Jeeesh! I've heard about that anesthesia being very harsh, but they didn't even mention that with my Opie!

Just one more thing...never give up hope...you are exactly right :angel2: FAITH!! :angel2:

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Your babies are beautiful! Jimmy looks alot like my Striker! We never tire of picture on this site!
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Both of your babies have such beautiful coloring!
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Sal....you have some great looking cats there!!! Beautiful!
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Beautiful cats you have, Sal. I'm partial to grey and black tabbies myself.
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Wow, what handsome boys! My little boy tabby has the same coloring as Chevy, the grey/black tabby with that golden orange underneath. It's so neat looking! I'd never seen it before.
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Ah Sal what handsome boys! Chevy looks like he'd be a big strong ladies' cat while Jimmy looks like the quiet, sensitive type.
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Thanks for all your messages everyone I had to take Jimmy to the vets again yesterday - he'd been bitten by a neighbour's cat and has quite a nasty gash on his belly. Luckily it doesn't seem to bother him and the vet said it'll clear up no probs with antibiotics.

What a nightmare! God knows how I'll cope if I ever have kids :laughing:
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