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Snuiggle Cats

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I was thinking of this the other night. Em only likes to snuggle on his terms. So even if I'm sleeping and he comes in for the petting and headbutts I have do so.

How about you guys?
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Reilly loves to snuggle!
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He's ALWAYS up for snuggling!!!
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Billy and Chay are so cute when they snuggle! They come over and just flop on you. Its just too bad they'll only do it when want to!
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Well, the boys are still young (just six months) so it's hard to tell what their "adult" form will be. At the moment they're mostly on their own terms. Subject to change in the future of course ...
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Trent is a snuggle-bear.

Ophelia is a pet-me-on-my-terms kitty, but she does let her Daddy snuggle her. She's snuggly, especially when she sleeps. She always wants to be snuggled when she sleeps, and if Trent isn't agreeable during the day she will yell at Daddy (who works from home) to come and nap with her. She used to be a "Snuggle-me-and-DIE!" kitty, though.
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My 3 baby girls love to be loved on and Miniman does to well heck so does Dunkin and Cammie, it's just when they all want in your lap at the same time kinda tough
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Sophie is a snuggle bun, and Rosie is but on her terms
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My girls are precious snuggle babies, although, just like any of us, there are times when they want to have their own space.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
My girls are precious snuggle babies, although, just like any of us, there are times when they want to have their own space.
Same with Harley
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i chose all 3 because they are all so different! Pixel's very snuggly, but only when she chooses. Cable's more likely to not squirm if i decide i want lovins, & Java just puts up with it, but is always eager to leave. Mouse was my snuggler-extrordinaire!
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Oliver snuggles on his terms; Tripod almost always wants to.
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Limerick in always in my lap purring away...
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Felicity is like -why are you touching me dont touch me unless I tell you to! and then she sometimes sleeps with me but thats only if I dont touch her so she usually waits until im asleep and then she comes lol cause shes smart, ah yes the torti way, hopefully she will become a snuggler or her mommy is getting another cat haha though I do wnat one but mom and dad dont so.. . yeah Ill have to wait later,
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Lola is snuggling with me right now! With Leo, it's an occassional thing. He's more into having me pick him up and carry him around with me.
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All three snuggle on their terms, but Billy is lovable a lot, and Annie is in the morning and at bed time, and CJ... well... CJ's not that lovable, but she is SOMETIMES! My baby Belle was a huge cuddler.... she was such a sweetie. I miss her.
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Tiger is my cuddle bunny. He will cuddle with me all night long in the bed.. Wether I want him to or not! lol He will come into the bed and start doing the "nursing" thing on me.. I will shoosh him away if he wakes me up but he just moved to another body part!
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