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FastAccess DSL-Questions

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Are there alot of FastAccess DSL members out there?
Can you guys help me out with a few dumb questions?
First, we recieved a flier in the mail from our dial-up provider offering this, plus a free mp3 player(probably not a good one), 3 free months of napster & a free DSL modem for online orders after rebate w/a 12 month commitment.
Presently we have regular dial-up with an accelerator. We have considered cable, but there is no cable connection in this room, I don't want to run a 30 foot cable to the computer, but drilling thru concrete block walls is probably not a good idea.I don't think the landlord would like that too much!
So anyway, I am wondering about the modem-is this something we have to physically install into the computer? As in taking it apart?
Is it worth it to get DSL, is the speed much of an improvement, or not worth the trouble?
Does 24.95 a month sound like a decent price? So far we haven't had any problems with our standard phone company connections-we're not on AOL or any other network provider.
Can anyone share some quick advice? Thanks!
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DSL is, IMO, worth it. Be sure to check with the phone company too about what they charge for providing the line. They got us on that one the first time we got DSL. Our phone company charges $25/month to provide the DSL line, plus we pay our provider $25/month. But since the alternative is MSN (which we could get through the phone company for a total of $29/month), we'll pay the extra to have a local ISP who can actually help us when there are any problems, and give us real ETA's when the service goes out.

The modem is external. You'll just need to run a networking cable from the computer to the modem, and a phone line from the modem to the wall jack. (I believe.)
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I have high speed cable internet at home and DSL here at work. The cable is much faster but if it's not available DSL is good. Anything is better than dial-up.
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Is it good with downloads? if they are offering 3 free months of napster, we will probably be on that like crazy & I wonder if it will take forever to download stuff.
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IS IT WORTH IT ??!!?? YOU BETCHA (and yes, I'm yelling ) We are very fortunate to be very close to a "node" and the pages pretty much load instantly. Even when they have 150 or 200kb sized pics in them (I fear no fur-pictures!) We're paying (hubby just negotiated a lower rate since they had dropped their prices) 42.95 a month but that's for the super fast speed of 3mps (megs per second?) which the speed presumably is going to double in the not so distant future. Upload is slower, although I don't know what it is right offhand, it usually takes me about 15 minutes or so to upload my whole site which is over 58 megs (I just checked that. Dang! I need to do some trimming :shocked!)
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