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I just lost £3000 on Poker!

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£3000 down.....

Yeah Not with real money though! My sister bought this amazing poker kit back with her from America - it has all the chips and the green table cloth thing and fake money. It's so cool we had a great laugh playing it! It was the first time I played and out of 10 games, I won 4 of them
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Wow... That sounds like fun!
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Gosh, you really had me worried! Woohooo 40%!
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Whew! I am soo glad that you were joking - that is a lot of money to lose! Glad you are enjoying the game, though!
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I'm glad you enjoyed it...and that it wasn't real money!

I just bought my husband one of those sets....
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I'm glad it was only play money!!!
On the other hand-I'm going to Vegas on Oct 12th to try my luck for real (actually won't gamble to much....more shopping instead.
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Ah! Had me worried there for a sec! If you're going to gamble and lose big, it's best to do it with play money! Haven't played poker in a long time, and we never did play for anything but chips. I'll never forget the time I was dealt a straight flush --- and of course then everyone else folded since they had no hands to speak of .
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My boyfriend has one of those poker set things...him and his friends play it all the time
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........come on Gilly! ....you scaried me!!! .....

...at least you have a fun time with Sis? isn´t?
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Oh Gilly! You got me worried there! I was thinking you must be very rich or very bad at poker!

It sounds like fun! We just use the penny jar!

Oh, and did your sister have a fantastic time?! I really hope so!
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What a relief after reading the title! Good for you that it's not real money you lost!
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COOL!! They sell those here - I used to want to set up a little casino in my house with a blackjack table, a roulette wheel and a chocolate wheel - all with fake chips of course. They're SOOOO much fun, hey? All the fun of those games without the real stakes.


But, erm, are you thinking you might like to try a new game???
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