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Does anyone remember... Kittykook?

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Does anyone remember her?
I miss her photography! and her lovely kitties!

They must be so big now
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Yes I remember her lovely nick!
I hope she´s OK....
Sending good vibes to her and her lovely furcrew:...
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I heard from her a month or two ago Fwan. She is fine, and does pop on to lurk once in a while but has been really busy. I miss her on here too!
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Awww I miss Robin too! If you're reading this Robin -
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Yes didn't she pop in here a couple of month ago with pics of the not so little kittens
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I took have been thinking about Robin. I hope things are okay and her S.O. is safe.
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I have been wondering the same thing! I do hope that all is well, and like Beth, that her SO is safe and sound...

I miss those handsome boys she has!
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Hi everyone

I'm still around and I appreciate you all so much for thinking about me and remembering me. Over the last few months, I've been dedicating myself to my photography and to supporting my sweetheart overseas in Iraq. He's still doing ok, but I miss him like crazy. I worry every day about him, but we are both hanging in there.

Here are a couple of updated pictures for you all.

Me and the boys.

Can you believe how big Cooper is? He's so long that his tail practically reaches my knees when I hold him on my shoulder.

And here's my sweet Thomas who has become my shadow. He is always right under my feet. He's a huge luv bug!

And this is Dan, my sweetheart. He sent me this picture last week to show me that he had named his armored personal carrier after me. (this is his nickname for me)

And for those interested, here's a link to my online photo gallery: Robin's Gallery

My photography has really taken off and I'm beginning to get a lot of people asking me to do pictures. I was even published on the front page of the newspaper two weeks ago! That was a first for me and I was very excited!

Thank you all again for asking about me.
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Robin - Ihave been thinking about you a lot! Especially with those two furbabies of yours, my goodness they are so big and beautiful!

Your darling is in my thoughts as he is in Iraq - I know iti s not easy being away frm your loved ones, I havent seen Jake for a month as I am now in New Zealand and hes still in Asheville but we will see each other for christmas and I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he will go back and then finally return in May!

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Oh Robin, it's so good to hear from you and i LOVE the pics!! Pop in every now and then and say hi!!!
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Oh Robin, it is so good to hear from you - those pictures are amazing. Haven't T & C grown!
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Umm...Susie.....I just noticed a new addition to your signature picture. Did you get another child? Better watch're catching up with me!
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Yes I did Robin...his name is Bailey, and he's about 10 weeks. I told Jerry no more....................maybe!
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Robin how strange is that that you popped up?!

Your looking well, and the babies are gorgeous! Good grief look at the size of them now!
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It's good to see you pop in Robin. Your boys are bigger than ever! I think it's cool that Dan stenciled his nickname for you on the tank.
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Oh ! Look at Cooper! He is adorable! I'm on my way to take him from you. Ari needs a playmate... How are the other 3?.
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Thanks everyone.

My other three kitties are doing fine also. Leo is still the same....basically he could double for a throw pillow. (he rarely leaves the couch!) Shelby is fine, although she's beginning to get a bit grouchy that the boys don't take her "authority" serious anymore. She's losing her grip on being the boss of the house and she doesn't like it one bit! The boys crack me up! They mess with her just to make her mad....and boy does she get mad! She'll hiss and swat at them and they just run away and hide....only to sneak up and pounce on her again! Haha! I laugh at them so hard when they do that because they aren't hurting her or anything, they're just being mischievous boys who enjoy harrassing their favorite aunt.

Abby is doing great. She looks so pretty now since she's put on some weight and filled out a bit. She was so skinny after she had the boys (weighed only about 5 lbs) that I thought she just didn't look very healthy. Now that she's been fixed and is living the life of luxury, she has filled out nicely and is just beautiful. She's still fairly petite, but I think she's up to about 9lbs now. The boys are at about 13 lbs each. Thomas is strong and stocky and Cooper is very long and lean....but they weigh the same. They don't even look like they are related. They do still have a very special bond though and often bathe each other and play together all the time. Abby seems to still hold a grudge against Cooper though. Ever since that time immediately following her spay, and while Cooper was still in his drug-induced stupor over being fixed, he tried to snuggle up to her and it infuriated her! I don't think she has ever forgiven him for that and still shuns him every time he tries to get close to her. She definitely shows favoritism with Thomas!

Anyway, I guess that's about all the news for now. I will try and put some updated pictures of everybody in the next day or two.
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Robin, so glad to see you posting again. My goodness Thomas and Cooper have grown up!! What handsome boys they are! I've always loved your crew, I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of them all!

I took a look at your photo gallery... girl you sure are talented!!
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I check into your forum Robin every so often just to see what amazing pics you have added.

I cannot believe how large those little guys are !
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Wonderful to see you, Robin!Wow, your boys sure have grown!
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Steph....I see you have a new baby too! Little Serenity looks a lot like the kitten I just gave to one of the other nurses at work. The kitten we had was another stray that my daughter brought home a few months ago.

Here's a picture of her:

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Oh Robin,I will be so happy to see pics of Abby, Leo and Shelby again, even if all Leo does is lay around! haha
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awwww you and the kits look so beautiful and healthy!
I wonder if teufel is going to get that big

Glad to know youre still sticking around
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Hi Robin....glad to meet you!
What beautiful cats you have.....and that one is HUGE! (Or you are really a tiny little thing!) What does he weigh???
Thank Dan for being over there for all of us! he and you are both in my prayers.
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Oh Robin! Your photos are lovely, I had a look at your site and I'm stunned
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