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Sweet Dreams!

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Awww, Chuckie looks so sweet taking his nap under the flowers.

And under a "tent"

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Awww! what a cutiepie
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Awww! So sweet!!!
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Awwwwwwww Chuckie

Rosie would love that tent!, she loves to sleep under anything hanging down like that
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Thanks Tracy, Erin and Susan!!
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AWWWW. What a cutie pie!! BTW, I voted!! Spyder is winning by a looong shot!! he hee!
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Thanks everyone!!
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Chuckie, you're so sweet!
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Awww Chuckie...you are adorable.

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Chuckie, you look like such an angel asleep like that .
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Stormy, you have a very handsome boy. Thanks for sharing his photos.
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