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Sick Kitty?

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I adopted a 2 year old cat from the Animal Shelter yesterday and he seemed fine. He'd had all of his 1st series of shots, including rabies, and a microchip injected between his shoulder blades so I could find him if he ever got lost. I brought him home and he seemed fine, except for being a little scared around new surroundings. Today, when I finally coaxed him out in to the open, he's very loving and affectionate, but seems to be "drooling" and sneezing a lot. I feel a little ashamed to say I don't know much about cat sicknesses, but I'm wondering does he have a cold? I need to get him an appointment to have him neutered, but I was hoping someone could tell me if I need to check and see if he has a cold as well.

The Butterfly Maiden, for Lucky The Cat..
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You should get to the vet tomorrow. It sounds as if he has calici virus. He probably has ulcers in his mouth and may need some care. The only other option is that he got into something poisionous in which case you need to get him there ASAP. Please let us know what happens!!
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Awwww...poor little baby...my thoughts are with you and Lucky!

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Update: I couldn't get him an appointment for today, as hard as I tried, but I managed to get one tomorrow after I get off work. Keep your fingers crossed for me that's it nothing major! Thanks a lot for those who replied.

The Butterfly Maiden and Lucky
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It sounds like he has a bad cold and possibly a virus. If his eyes are watering, I would make sure to wipe the with a warm damp cloth...it's soothing. I'm sure he'll be okay...
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Update on Lucky.. I carried him to vet and he has an upper respiratory infection/light pneumonia. I recieved the antibotics to give him and the vet showed me how to give it to him (which Lucky didn't like whatsoever).

I'm also happy to say that my little kitty was a perfect angel for most of the visit.. He was a bit nervous at first, but eventually calmed down and let the vet inspect him completely, while just laying there purring.

I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes Lucky's way, especially Sandie and Catarina77777. They are truly appreciated.

~The Butterfly Maiden with a happy Lucky.
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Hi to "The Butterfly Maiden" :daisy:

Ooooooh!!! I know that cold sooo well...poor little kibby! Snotty nose and runny eyes...little coughing here and there...upper respiratory colds are so scary to me. Wee baby Well, he has a good Mommy to care for him...bless his little baby heart.

Please post some pics of your babies...My first kitty was named Lucky! She was a tuxedo cat. I was about 10 years old then...(just the other day...hahaha! yeah right!)

He'll be better before you know it...did your vet put him on clavamox? That's a really good prescription for that. My boys were sick when I found them...they were about four weeks old...I was so scared! My vet put them on that and "gone"!! I was so relieved. So, I know how you feel hon...Chin up...smile, be happy Lucky will pull through with flying colors

Hugs to you, Lucky, Morgana, Luke, and Leia
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My kitty had that too, poor guy. I used to shut him in the bathroom with me when I showered. The steam made him feel better.

Good luck and get well for kitty!
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I am so glad he's on his way to recovery! Here's to a speedy recovery
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Just an update!! Lucky is all better!!

I somehow managed to catch the flu, but Lucky is 100% (as far as I can tell) better. It was funny, though, during the time I was sick, he guarded my door and wouldn't let anyone in.

Thanks for your well wishes!!
Butterfly Maiden
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