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Poopy pants :)

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I just LOVE my cats, they ARE my kids, ALWAYS stay inside. I have very little contact with direct outside cats. My home is cat-safe (plants,garbage,etc.)

I came home today to one with diarrhea just dribbling out as he walks. He has eaten ok, has never been one for play, very passive, nose & eyes seem ok. I did however find a lil bite of my bran muffin gone, he (or someone) ~~no one is raising a paw to admit it LOL~~~~broke thru the groc.sack, AND the container and some is gone. He is my only one that adventures when eating, "hey I gotta try that".

What can I give him for the diarrhea...

Please feel free to email: kittymom1999@yahoo.com, (post is bound to be damp, sniffling while I type this).
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Hi kittymom and welcome to the forums!

What a naughty little kitty you have there ! If it's only the oat bran, I suppose it'll go by itself. I would just stick to his regular diet. If it continues, you may need to consult your vet to make sure it's only a reaction to food and not something else.

Oh, and we prefer for people to post their replies here, so we can all have a discussion and learn from each other.

Hope he gets well soon!
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Thanks Anne for your reply!

Nooooo problem posting replies here, I am a mod (vbulletin) elsewhere and that has been free practice.


Well, being a herbologist, I gave him some psyllium husks in his tuna/water and hoping that does the trick.

Over all the yrs., he is the ONLY cat I have ever had that "what's good for mom is good for me"....I am constantly having to put food away, but this time was in a hurry. Persistence paid off~~~thru the groc.sack & container (plastic)....
"ah-ha! gonna have me some muffin!" LOL

Will keep you posted, if I start thin king Fel.Leuk. I'll start giving him penicillion shots at home.

Meeeeeeow-for-Now Thx.
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